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We tell you everything about the design of our first lamp!

20 October 2022

We tell you everything about the design of our first lamp!

The NOD lamp, a 100% TIPTOE design

We are proud to introduce our first lamp after two years of development by our designers. NOD presents a simple, modern design that carries our DNA. We wanted to design an object that was simple, beautiful, functional and familiar in shape. And we succeeded! NOD fits easily into any interior and in any room of the house.

Why NOD? It’s a reference to its articulated head which allows it to swivel up to 35 degrees on each side. It comes in two versions: table or clamp, referring to our iconic table leg.

why did you choose to create a lamp?

It’s an essential part of the design of a space, playing a key role in the decoration. By creating an item that diffuses light, we wanted to go further in our reflection on the way of living and inhabiting places.

The NOD lamp brings a new dimension to the brand. Designing a small product, which is more electric, was also a new challenge for us!

How did you think about its design and use?

As always, it was important to us to create a simple, functional and well-made piece in Europe. The aesthetics had to be timeless, in a category of products that is particularly sensitive to trends.

Despite its small size, we wanted it to be as functional as possible, with several directions of rotation to direct the light where you want it and the possibility of varying the intensity according to the user’s needs.

What materials did you choose?

The NOD lamp is made of aluminium, powder coated. The head contains the components and the articulation. This allows the lamp to keep its clean and basic silhouette.

In order to smooth the light to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, an opal polycarbonate diffuser is injected under the head to hide the LEDs. Thanks to them, the NOD lamp has a low power consumption. The energy class A++ / A+ / A makes the lamp one of the most energy-efficient devices!

What was the most challenging part of its development?

The NOD lamp is manufactured and assembled in Portugal. In this product category, European industrial capacity is very low. The vast majority of luminaires on the market are manufactured in Asia. This has added considerably to the development time and complexity of creating this product!

How would you describe this lamp?

It’s a useful but minimalist and elegant but discreet product.

Lampe NOD - Design Lab


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