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Side tables - TIPTOE

Side tables

For your entrance, opt for a side table fixed on the TIPTOE steel table legs. Perfect as a console to empty your pockets or to decorate your hallway.


100% Made in Europe.

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How to make good use of a side table?

Does your interior lack storage space? Are your pockets, bag or bookshelves always overflowing with objects that you don’t know where to put anymore? Or would you like to add a more personal touch to your dining room? The TIPTOE side table checks all these boxes.

Placed against a wall to optimise space, or set in the middle of the room, the side table will add style your interior. It can also be used as a desk or pedestal. It brings style to small rooms while saving on space.

You can choose among 9 different colours for the legs and design a piece of furniture that will belong to you and you alone. Your decor is like your reflection; so TIPTOE thought it essential to take its customisation one step further and let you to design your own side table.

Spruce up your interior with a designer side table

You can see at first glance, this side table is like no other. In addition to its trendy customisable look, it reinvents the look of the table by imposing its singular lines. Tapered metal legs give the furniture a slick finish, the top a minimalist largesse, and the wood and metal a fine contrast. The table has many strengths!

The TIPTOE side table matches your interior and comes in the most traditional colours (black, cloud white or eucalyptus grey) to the most vibrant (ash pink, sunflower yellow or mineral blue). The colour of the legs completely changes the way you look at your furniture!

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