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Desk legs - TIPTOE

Desk legs

The TIPTOE desk leg is a table leg made of steel, a 100% recyclable and durable material. Combine it with a [desk]top to design your own desk.

100% made in Europe. ...

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How do I use a TIPTOE desk leg?

The metal desk leg gives you the possibility to make with your own hands the desk that will boost your productivity! In a bedroom or office, put your notebooks and laptop in front of you and work in peace. You can also use this leg to design a pedestal, and decorate your entry way, dining room or office. Leave magazines, a small plant or your phone lying around on it. That way, you won’t have to go looking for it all over your apartment!

Slender, the desk leg blends perfectly into any type of interior decoration. Whether there are two or four, they come in 9 different colours. They are easily attached to the desktop for quick and comfortable use.

A designer desk leg for a unique piece of furniture

Classic or daring? It’s up to you to choose the style of your future office by choosing the colour of leg that suits you best! Black, eucalyptus or red, the leg becomes a chameleon that follows you through all your wild moods! It’ll also give you a good dose of motivation to get to work!

The modern straight lines of the TIPTOE workspace leg make it a unique and timeless accessory for your well-being and the atmosphere of your room. Your custom-made piece of furniture gives character to even the most undecorated room.

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