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High tables - TIPTOE

High tables

The TIPTOE high table is composed of a table top supported by 90 cm or 110 cm table legs which are fixed to the wall thanks to two wall BRACKET.


100% Made in Europe.

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How to get the best out of your high table?

Did you think yours walls only served to support the foundations of your home? TIPTOE’s high table revisits the classics of interior decoration! Attached to a section of wall using TIPTOE wall mounts, the wooden top and its two metal table legs create a beautiful high table for snacking on the go. Practical in the morning, noon and evening, when you have little time to eat, to read the newspaper while sipping your coffee, or for preparing your meals, the TIPTOE bar table lets you have all your “essentials” at hand (telephone, baby monitor…).

Smaller interiors will love the space savings provided by these two-legged tables. Thanks to their small size, they are less bulky than a more traditional table and allow you to optimise and better organise your space. If you are a design enthusiast, you will be delighted with the devotion to minimalism inherent in TIPTOE furniture.

The originality of a kitchen bar table

The light woods used in the design of the tabletops bring naturalness and charm to your kitchen nook. Create a trendy contrast with darker table legs or opt for more subdued look with a lighter colour. Personalise your piece by buying only the legs and the TIPTOE wall mount, and play around with the different colours and materials available. This way, you can invent the interior that suits you and, thanks to the quality of the materials, this wooden high table is sure to last you many (and happy!) years.

The woods worked by TIPTOE come from sustainably managed European forests. These natural woods bear the PECF or FSC labels, which guarantee the quality of their source. Their natural beauty quickly enliven the aesthetics of any space. Simple, minimal and clean, the TIPTOE table legs lend character to your kitchen or dining room! The TIPTOE do-it-yourself high tables will awaken the interior designer in you!

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