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*Until February 16 included, shipping is FREE in Europe for all orders on the website except for orders containing tables and desks. For tables and desks, we ask for a small contribution as our logistics process is a bit more complex and costly.

Frequently asked questions

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Our installation guides

TIPTOE legs for tables or desks (75cm)

Small TIPTOE legs (benches or coffee tables)


TIPTOE legs combined with wall BRACKETs

Pieds de 75cm + BRACKET


Pieds de 90cm + BRACKET


Pieds de 110cm + BRACKET

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right table top?

What are the max dimensions for a table top mounted on 4 TIPTOE legs?
180 x 100 cm and a thickness of 40mm for the standard TIPTOE leg

150 x 100cm and a thickness of 40mm for the small TIPTOE leg

What is the max load (including top) for 4 TIPTOE legs?
The max load is 70kg for all types of legs including the table top. If you wish to use a heavier surface, please reach out to us at

What about brittle and fragile materials such as glass?
We advise against the use of glass with our legs. It is too fragile and our legs are not suited for such us.

Shipping and Returns


So far, we have shipped TIPTOE products to more than 40 countries. Our legs and wall BRACKETs are delivered within 15 days in most European countries. However, delivery times are usually much shorter in countries adjacent to France such as the UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands with our products being delivered in just a few days.


Returns are the responsibility of the customer. You have 14 working days from the date of receipt of your order to return our products to us.

Write to us at so that we can send you the return procedure to be completed.

Are my TIPTOE legs suitable for outdoor use?

We recommend you use our legs indoor.

Although our legs have a special coating (100% epoxy anti-UV anti-corrosion paint), they’re mainly meant to be used indoor. Our legs may be installed in covered outdoor spaces but might be subject to corrosion.

Are TIPTOE tables stable?

Yes! Our tables are as stable as conventional tables.

As long as you follow our installation guides, your tables will be just fine!

Overall, it’s imperative to use table with a thickness comprised within 30mm and 40mm with our 75-cm TIPTOE table legs. For tables exceeding 150 cm long it takes a mandatory thickness of 4 cm. Beyond 200 cm in length you have to add 2 feet per meter.

Feel free to reach out at should you have any question about your table top!

Where to find TIPTOE products?

All our products are available for sale on our website at  and at all ours resellers available here :    

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