COLORSCAPE: our new colours created in collaboration with the HEJU studio

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COLORSCAPE: our new colours created in collaboration with the HEJU studio

Chairs and stools - TIPTOE

Chairs and stools

Discover our selection of chairs and stools made 100% in Europe with durable and resistant materials. Available in eco-certified wood or recycled plastic, our seats can be assembled in just a few minutes.

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Multi-talented chairs and stools

The TIPTOE chairs can be combined with your desk or dining table to offer you a comfortable seat and a pleasant moment. To get going on an urgent matter or just share a meal with your loved ones, the chairs can be adapted to suit all your needs. Sit on the TIPTOE stools to eat or converse. The pure design of the TIPTOE stools and chairs fits into any interior.

Are you feeling like an interior decorator? Revisit the traditional use of the stool and turn it into a small coffee table. Stools are not the only items that can be converted! Next to your bed or sofa, TIPTOE chairs and stools can serve as a bedside table or an end-table for your couch; or hold your books, your plants, your linens… The TIPTOE concept pushes the personalization of furniture to its maximum. You choose the colors and materials of your furniture pieces, but also their uses!

Design seats adapted to every use

TIPTOE chairs are available in three finishes: wood and metal, recycled plastic or recycled fabric. These chairs also respect three essential principles of the TIPTOE philosophy, SSD: simple, solid and durable. Their harmony between comfort and robustness makes them ideal for working at a desk or sitting around a dining table in the kitchen.

TIPTOE stools are available in different heights to suit all uses: dining table or desk seats, bar stools or high wall tables, and children’s stools adjusted to their small size. What’s so special about TIPTOE stools? They are stackable. Practical to store them discreetly!

When it comes the finishes, there is a wide choice: light or dark wood, recycled plastic VENEZIA or MACCHIATO. The steel legs are also available in a wide range of colours: from sober colours such as black and white, to more cheerful colours such as ash pink, sunflower yellow or mineral blue. There is something for everyone!

To furnish your entrance, to install a large seat for your dining table, or to decorate your bedroom, fall for the TIPTOE benches, available in solid oak and reclaimed wood. Combined with the 43cm legs, they make an ideal seat or a piece of designer furniture.

Trendy and environmentally friendly indoor furniture

TIPTOE chairs and stools are instantly recognizable! Creative, bold and modern, their original look is eye-catching and almost makes you forget their first usefulness. It’s up to you to design the piece of furniture that is still missing from your interior. TIPTOE offers you (almost) infinite possibilities to invent the chair or stool of your dreams.

The wood used comes from preserved European forests and is certified PEFC or FSC. The recycled plastic chairs are a way of protecting the environment. TIPTOE uses waste materials and makes them noble and useful again. All the materials used in the composition of TIPTOE furniture are chosen for their resistance and their ability to stand the test of time without being altered by normal wear-and-tear. TIPTOE has made its choice between furniture that one throws away and furniture that one keeps for a long time.

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