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How tall should my bar stool be?

15 July 2022

How tall should my bar stool be?

As practical as they are aesthetic, bar stools are growing taller in order find their place in all kinds of interiors. With their lofty appearance, they save space and make it possible to eat or work, perched around a worktop, a central island, a snack table or a counter. To help you get settled most comfortably, TIPTOE is here to guide you in choosing the right seat height for your chairs and bar stools.

A seat adapted to your needs

Who has never experienced the discomfort of a seat that is too low, forcing you to inordinately raise your arms to eat? Our shoulders still remember that… Or on the contrary, the discomfort of a seat that is too high forcing us to contort ourselves to get our legs under the table… Whatever your type of seat, there is a golden rule to follow in order to choose the height that will offer you optimal comfort. This is actually a jealously guarded secret that TIPTOE is willing to reveal to you! Yes, we know, we’re too nice.

How to calculate the height of a bar stool?

In order to choose the right height for your chairs and barstools, you need to measure the space between seat and table. To enjoy a pleasant meal at the table and be comfortable, the space between the top of your seat and the height of the table top should be between 25 cm and 30 cm. Except in the case of a 110cm-high bar table, where the space can run as high as 35 cm. Get your tape measure out!

To be comfortable at a bar table, the height of the seat is not only thing to consider. Other criteria are important as well, such as the upholstery of the seat, the presence of a backrest and the presence of a footrest. For a bar table, high chairs and stools are very popular.

A designer stool for every style of decor

These trendy pieces of furniture come in all styles to win over interior design enthusiasts. Wooden or metal, industrial or Scandinavian, sleek or chic, minimalist or flashy, there are as many bar stools as there are design tastes. High chairs and stools are likely to enjoy the limelight for a long time to come… Available in many finishes and colours, you are sure to find the bar stool of your dreams.

Furniture with multiple functions

Beyond its main use as a seat in the kitchen or dining room, our design bar stool can be used as a decorative piece of furniture in any room of the house. Place it in the living room next to your fabric sofa or your leather armchair, in your bedroom next to a window or your bed, or in the hallway as a plant rest.


Which bar stool for a 90 cm table?

Steel table leg, 90cm high

Snack table, worktop, central island: 90 cm is a common table height in kitchens and dining rooms. It is no coincidence that TIPTOE’s steel table legs are made this size. In combination with the BRACKET wall mounts, they can be used to create custom-made worktops or modern snack tables.


Steel table legs, thanks to their simple and refined design, go with any kitchen or dining room style: modern, Scandinavian, industrial, bohemian, vintage or contemporary. Our 90cm high table legs are perfect for designing a worktop, a central island or a high table in your kitchen or dining room.

What height for a 90cm worktop or island?

To transform your work surface into a dining area, or to enjoy your snack table without encroaching on the floor space, bar stools are a popular choice. You don’t have to be a clever mathematician to conclude that, to sit comfortably on a 90cm-high tabletop, the seat of your bar stool should be roughly 65 cm.

Our designer wooden bar stools

The MI LOU bar stool from TIPTOE offers comfortable seating at precisely 66 cm from the floor. This carefully studied height shows just how much we care about your comfort. At Laëtitia’s place, our MI LOU bar stools in eco-certified wood come in with cloudy white legs and fit under the worktop of her kitchen island, making for a cosy Scandinavian decor that makes people feel like hanging out and talking.

Available in several models, the hardest part will be choosing your bar stool! You can also make up your own set of bar stools and mix and match the decorative styles.

The recycled plastic bar stool VENEZIA, a unique piece of furniture

Another white kitchen, another atmosphere. At Huisgeluk’s place, the MI LOU bar stool proudly displays its VENEZIA recycled plastic seat. With its rosemary green legs, it brings a very natural touch to this kitchen, where wood and vegetation are the main elements; making for a green cocoon that even his cat finds pleasing!

A modern kitchen with the MACCHIATO design stool

For an ultra-contemporary look, choose the MI LOU MACCHIATO bar stool. With the white and black speckling of its recycled plastic seat, it spruces up your interiors. Like in this kitchen where concrete is used in neutral shades. We love combining the softness of plastic with the Brutalist aspect of concrete – a daring combination for an interior unlike any other.

Extra comfort with designer bar chairs

For those who can’t imagine life without a backrest, TIPTOE has designed the SSD bar chair in wood or recycled plastic. This must-have seating will find its place in your home, quickly and easily.

The SSD chairs made of recycled plastic are a showpiece in Nicolas’ kitchen. Their flat black look contrasts with the immaculate white of the kitchen units – a winning bet for this chic kitchen where plastic is given pride of place. By the way, we forgot to mention that the SSD bar chairs from TIPTOE have a seat height of 65 cm. Did we not already say that we care about your comfort?

A comfortable and stylish bar seat

The TIPTOE community has already adopted the SSD bar chair. Like Nathalie’s kitchen with its delightful pastel shades. Sea-green fridge, pink marble and SSD wooden chair with eucalyptus grey legs: the ideal combo for a stylish and peaceful atmosphere. This kitchen is so pretty you’d almost have trouble cooking in it, for fear dirtying it up!

Which bar stool for a 110cm table?

Counter, bar table or standing table, tables with a height of 110 cm are no longer only reserved for bistros and pubs. Today’s kitchens are quick to give them pride of place, to keep up with contemporary lifestyles. As functional as they are aesthetic, high tables allow you to work, drink a coffee or eat on the go.

The steel table leg, 110 cm high

In response to this trend, TIPTOE has designed the 110cm bar table leg to create a bar table, a standing desk or a high console to be hung on a wall. At Julie’s place, she came up with this high dining area between her kitchen and living room. Surfing on the natural elements trend, she has combined a wooden wall table with Scandinavian-style stools. The small detail that makes all the difference? Wicker placemats and a rattan light fixture that make for a warm atmosphere.

Isabelle, meanwhile, has used the 110cm bar table legs along with our BRACKETs to create a pretty wall-mounted bar table. Our practical BIG LOU bar stools, with solid oak finish and black legs, slide under the table to save space.

What height for a 110 to 120cm bar table?

To sit comfortably around a 110cm bar table, you will need a 75cm-high chair or bar stool. TIPTOE has thought of everything with its BIG LOU stools that stand at 76 cm and its 75cm SSD chairs in wood or recycled plastic.

These beautiful, timeless and durable barstools fit into any interior with ease. We love the use of BIG LOU barstools, made of eco-certified wood, in Muriel’s New York loft decor, in Marta’s bohemian chic kitchen, in Dee’s indoor garden or in Mamiplatz’s industrial dining area.

Our design bar stools fit in with all interior design styles: modern, Scandinavian, industrial or bohemian.

At TIPTOE, we have designed 90cm and 110cm table legs, as well as matching high stools and bar chairs, so that the height of your seating is always suitable for you and your guests


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