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New: discover our PLI steelwall shelves

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Since its creation in 2015, Tiptoe has been infusing the French design landscape with a new vision.

Year after year, the studio has set itself apart with a highly distinctive approach to object design. Its vision is driven by an exceptional industrial expertise in service of creative and innovative concepts. Tiptoe stands out by its timeless design, bold exploration of color and in-depth study of best uses for materials.

Each of the new collections reflects a creative challenge successfully met by the studio

The studio celebrates the founding principles established by the towering figures of French design in the mid-20th century. In doing so, Tiptoe has developed its own design standards based on industrial excellence, uncompromising sustainability and a timeless aesthetic.

A modern and vibrant industrial design

Guided by such principles as simplicity and restraint, the studio’s designers consider functionality to be the heart of its product design.

Through its emphasis on the functionality and assembly of every product, the studio has created its own style.

With each creation, the studio strives to express its passion for a resolutely modern and vibrant vision of object design.

Consistent with the idea that furniture plays a central role in everyday life, Tiptoe designs objects that are beautiful, useful and timeless.

An exceptional industrial know-how

From the very start, Tiptoe has insisted on a 100% European production, drawing on the excellent know-how of our partners who work with wood metal and recycled plastic.This commitment to high- quality manufacturing stems from Matthieu Bourgeaux’s family history.

Specializing in precision metal working (bar turning), the family workshop in Haute- Savoie has been one of the brand’s main industrial partners for nearly 10 years.

The promise of sustainable design

Driven by this demanding craftsmanship culture, the brand delivers sustainable and repairable objects that can stand the test of time.

The design studio explores new materials, particularly recycled ones, and develops new manufacturing methods to guarantee the sustainability of our products.

Tiptoe takes a holistic approach to sustainability, ensuring that it permeates every stage of our products’ lifecycles. The company obtained b Corp certification in 2021.

An international reach

In just under 10 years,the Tiptoe brand has won over 60,000 customers in over 30 countries.

It has set up a professional showroom and flagship location in Paris, completed over 3,000 interior design projects and built up a community of several hundred thousand people. The brand is also distributed by over a hundred prestigious retailers worldwide.

Its clients include such prestigious names as Hermès, Chanel, Le Centre Pompidou, Le Musée d’Orsay or Le Palais de Tokyo.

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