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Office workstations - TIPTOE

Office workstations

NEW MODERN office workstations can host several people and desktops. These desks are ideal for setting up co-working spaces.


100% Made in Europe.

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An elegant and comfortable workstation

This beautiful office workstation, also known as a “bench”, is capable of accommodating several people and several workstations on its surface. This makes it ideal for large teams that need a large work surface. It is possible to further increase this working surface by using several tables, opposite one another or as extensions. Companies can now optimise the surface of their working environment. The tables are deeper than ordinary workstations and are more than 3.20 m wide. They can accommodate between 6 and 10 people.

TIPTOE is releasing a new range of furniture for professionals. To that effect, the brand has created this design furniture with light and airy lines. Although it can accommodate several people, it does not seem to take up much space as its design is minimalist. It is the ideal piece of furniture for all those who wish to create a friendly office corner where everyone will find their place without encroaching on a colleague’s space, whether next to or across from them!

To meet this challenge, the designers of this shared desk have crafted it with a greater width. You will notice that the base of this workstation for professional offices or co-working is wider than the other desks and tables of the NEW MODERN collection.

Designer office furniture developed to maximise comfort at work

When you read the words “computer workstation”, you probably end up with images of a mess of cables in your head. At TIPTOE, we know you have better things to do than untangle your power cords (and that it’s also nicer on the eyes and more comfortable), so we have provided holes and/or a central channel for cables to pass through. This way, everyone can connect to a power strip without difficulty and work at ease.

If you are interested in this option, please ask for it when you order.

A little touch of personalisation for an office furniture design that goes with you!

To create a workspace that motivates employees, a little touch of colour was essential! That’s why the legs of the workstation are available in several colours: Ash Pink, Cloud White, Rosemary Green, Graphite Black and Eucalyptus Grey. These trendy colours, soft and elegant, will be widely appreciated by your teams!

In addition to the colour of the legs, you can also choose between several tops. NEW MODERN furniture comes with oak, wood (other than oak) or recycled plastic tops. The wood comes from sustainably managed European forests. Each piece of wood used by TIPTOE craftsmen bears the PEFC or FSC label.  The legs and cross bars are made of steel, a material that can be reused ad infinitum.

Benches assembled without tools and easy to maintain

The workstation is easy to assemble. Comprised of a few parts: two legs, two tubes and a top, it only needs a screwdriver to take shape.

And should a spilled coffee or clumsy pen stroke cause your desk to lose its lustre? TIPTOE had clumsy colleagues or those who multitask in mind when the brand was designing its varnished wooden desk tops. A damp sponge to remove a stain and a soft cloth to wipe it down are all you need to regain a spotless top. As for the recycled plastic tops, their original sheen can be restored with a simple soft cloth.


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