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New : discover theUNIT storage system

UNIT system: endless possibilities for work

March 2024

Our new shelving system, UNIT, stands out with its elegant and functional design. Its steel frames and oak shelves form the basis of an intuitive and visible construction.

UNIT is a functional solution, perfectly adaptable to all spaces. This system offers a multitude of layouts for professionals through desks, open or closed low and high furniture, with cabinets or drawers.

A system suitable for large spaces and meeting rooms

Meeting rooms can be furnished with UNIT storage ranging from 40 cm to 215 cm. The system can accommodate various modules such as drawers cabinet, door cabinets, or shelves.

All configurations are possible to create a good working atmosphere. Configured as a library or closed storage, the tall UNIT 03 to 06 (from 110 cm to 215 cm) storage solutions are ideal for making large spaces functional and comfortable. For optimal layout of a smaller space, low UNIT 01 to 03 storage is perfect.

Use of the system in open-plan offices

As work modes are constantly evolving, UNIT offers an “office” solution with the addition of a worktop or desk to the shelves. This keeps the work environment comfortable, adapted, and organized.

These modules can also be used as space dividers or to delineate different teams within a company. A good compromise between functional storage furniture and space organization.

A system that integrates into retail spaces

Its versatility as storage or display furniture makes it perfectly adaptable to the retail universe.

Its ease of assembly and the variety of configurations offer multifunctional use and an elegant aesthetic that showcases displayed objects while providing a practical solution for organizing, presenting, and storing items.

With the UNIT system, the options for furnishing meeting rooms, offices, and open spaces are virtually limitless and fully adaptable to professional spaces.

3 specificities of the system: 

1. Simple and efficient assembly

Clips positioned on each shelf eliminate the presence of screws and allow for simple and quick assembly and disassembly, thus meeting our desire to design easily mountable and dismountable furniture to facilitate their use.

2. Attention to detail

UNIT is an object with defined lines. The design studio chose to retain this visible functionality in the product’s design. A subtlety that is in line with TIPTOE objects. Details such as the peg and the strip play a significant role in the aesthetics of the entire system.

The pin is present on both sides of the ladder, revealing an intuitive assembly principle and emphasizing the detail of the design. The strip, on the other hand, is a functional and aesthetic element. Its main mission is to solidify the structure of the UNIT system.

3. Resistance and durability

Behind UNIT lies industrial know-how, a design studio, concerned with honest design and a choice of demanding materials. Its steel structure and eco-certified wooden boards, as well as its assembly system, are a guarantee of quality and durability.

Launch on March 20th


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