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The choice of sustainability

The choice of materials is an essential step in our mission to make sustainable furniture. Choosing the right materials from the very beginning allows us to limit the environmental impact of our activity while ensuring the longevity and recyclability of our products.

We always use very robust materials that are either already recycled or easy-to-recycle. Making sustainable furniture also means making robust furniture that you don’t toss away.

Steel and aluminum

Steel and aluminum are metals with astounding properties: they are extraordinarily strong, fireproof and they can be recycled almost infinitely. Steel is today’s most recycled material on earth: 80 to 90% of all steel currently used in Europe is estimated to have been recycled at least once (for aluminum, this share is estimated at around 50%). The recycling of steel and aluminum produces substantial energy savings of about 75% and 95% respectively compared to the production of virgin metal.

Using steel and aluminum as the main materials of our furniture is a guarantee of quality and longevity and ensure that our products are easy-to-recycle when the times come.

Wood sourced from responsibly managed forests

Our wood is sourced exclusively from sustainably managed European forests granted with FSC or PEFC labels. These labels guarantee the compliance with sustainable forest management standards that provide for steady forest regeneration (natural or through planting) while favoring the diversity of wood types and preserving the balance of local ecosystems.

Wood is a fantastic material that has been used in furniture making for centuries. Its aesthetic, ecological and manufacturing properties make wood an essential material in the making of furniture.

Upcycled wood from destroyed buildings

Since 2019, we have been using reclaimed wood sourced from destroyed European buildings such as barns or old warehouses. Once it has been recovered, this wood is reworked so it can be reused as shelves or tables.

At TIPTOE, we cherish the idea of giving waste a second life.

Recycled Plastic

Since the middle of the 20th century, plastic has played a central role in global industrial manufacturing. Abundant, useful and inexpensive, plastic is also known for polluting the earth and the oceans over the very long-term.

What should we do with all this plastic waste? Our approach to furniture making is very much centered around circularity. As a consequence, we’re constantly working on the development and the further use of upcycled materials such as recycled plastic in our products. Our ambition is to prove that waste can be turned into something beautiful, useful and durable.

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