New : discover theUNIT storage system

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New : discover theUNIT storage system

UNIT system: endless possibilities for home

Mars 2024

Our new storage system, UNIT, stands out for its elegant and functional design. Its steel frame and oak shelves form the basis of an intuitive and visible construction.

UNIT is a component based and functional solution, perfectly adaptable to any space. Its new structure and assembly reflect our philosophy of objects: marrying beauty with durability.

To showcase this new collection, we’ve decided to present UNIT in the new space at Plan Comùn, a shared space located in Pantin.

The clean and raw shapes of this communal house blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of our product.


An infinitely adaptable system

UNIT integrates into all spaces thanks to 5 available heights, ranging from UNIT 01 to UNIT 06, as well as its diverse range of storage modules: shelves, drawer blocks, door cabinets, and desktop shelf.

Its steel structure is offered in Cream White and Graphite Black.

From UNIT 01 to UNIT 03: the low furniture

Ranging from 40 cm to 110 cm in height, with the option to add a 10 cm riser, the UNIT 01 to 03 furniture pieces are multifunctional. Designed to adapt to your space, these items can transform into entryway furniture, TV stands, dressers…

Whatever your needs, the configuration possibilities are endless: closets for discreet storage or simple shelves to display your items.


Low Unit

UNIT 05 to 06: the tall furniture

For UNIT 05 to 06, the configurations become more imposing ranging from 180 cm to 215 cm in height.

With the possibility to add up to 3 additional columns, UNIT can transform into a bookcase, a cabinet, a desk… thus adding a touch of grandeur to your interior.

Tall Unit

UNIT office

The infinite configurations of UNIT also allow it to become an office composed of drawers and cabinets. Thus, UNIT takes on a new function and becomes a system suited for work.

Discover it

Three specificities of the UNIT system:

1. Simple and Efficient Assembly

The clips positioned on each shelf eliminate the presence of screws and allow for simple and quick assembly and disassembly, aligning with our desire to design easily mountable and demountable furniture to facilitate their use.

2. Attention to Detail

UNIT is an object with defined lines. The design studio chose to maintain this visible functionality in the design of its product. A subtlety that follows in the lineage of TIPTOE objects.

The pin is present on both sides of the ladder, revealing an intuitive assembly principle and emphasizing the detail of the design.

The frame, on the other hand, is a functional and aesthetic element. Its main mission is to solidify the structure of the UNIT system.

3. Exceptional Resistance and Durability

Behind UNIT lies industrial expertise, a design studio dedicated to honest design and a choice of demanding materials.

Its steel structure and eco-certified wooden boards, along with its assembly system, are a guarantee of quality and durability.

Available now !

Photographer : Jonathan Mauloubier
Set design : Elsa Lagunas
Curation : Antoine Meffrechol


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