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TIPTOE is now officially a purpose–driven company!

31 August 2021

TIPTOE is now officially a purpose–driven company!

Today, TIPTOE is one of the first companies in the furniture sector to become a purpose-driven company.


This means that our social and environmental commitment is now written into the company’s articles of association. When we created TIPTOE 6 years ago, we wanted to provide a sustainable alternative to the “fast-furniture” or “disposable furniture” trend. As a purpose-driven company, making sustainability a priority becomes a legal requirement as well.

What is a purpose-driven company? What are the real-world implications?

The status of ‘purpose-driven company’ was introduced in 2019, in France, with the “Pacte” law. It offers companies the possibility of adding a social or environmental objective to their articles of association in addition to an economic objective.

Going forward, the purpose of the company is no longer limited to its economic objectives alone. The latter must also be reconciled with a mission for the common good. Inscribed in the legal framework, this new status makes the company liable should it fail to live up to its commitments in the future (due to change in management, shareholders, strategic choices, etc.)

Our mission


To offer well-designed, well-made and durable furniture while limiting our environmental impact.


To accelerate increased awareness of environmental issues in our industry by mobilising our ecosystem to reinvent the way we produce and consume furniture.


Promote a positive business model that cultivates a caring attitude towards all its stakeholders and stimulates the growth of its team.

Our social and environmental objectives

1. Eco-design

Design each TIPTOE item in an eco-design approach by integrating sustainability at each stage of its life cycle.

2. Choice of materials

Use sustainable, recycled or easily recyclable materials to control the environmental impact of our activity while ensuring the longevity and recyclability of our products.

3. Manufacture

Opting for European production, cultivating excellent know-how and aligning our industrial partners in a sustainable approach.

4. Virtuous business model

Make TIPTOE a model for the positive business and develop a virtuous ecosystem for the benefit of its customers, its team and all its partners.

5. Cultivate goodwill and personal development

Encourage individual and collective progress for each of our employees. Develop meaningful jobs by cultivating goodwill and excellence among TIPTOE team members.

What next?

We are already working on new projects that we are eager to share with you:

  • We have begun the process of obtaining the B-corp certification and the European Ecolabel and will thereby be holding ourselves to the best standards in terms of social and environmental responsibility.
  • We have established our first Carbon Footprint which we will be examining to help us reduce our emissions.
  • We will facilitate the return of your old products as part of our circular program RESTORE.

The entire TIPTOE team is driven by our common mission. That’s why we’re working hard to build a positive, responsible and committed brand together.


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