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Chairs and bar stools - TIPTOE

Chairs and bar stools

TIPTOE chairs and bar stools can be assembled in a few minutes and are perfect for a bar, central island, worktop or high table.

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High chairs with multiple functions

The TIPTOE design chairs and barstools can be adapted to all your needs thanks to their different heights. Choose a seat height of 65cm for a work surface or a central island which you can create with our 90cm table leg. The 75cm high chairs are perfect for high tables and bar tables, which can be created with the 110cm table leg.

The colours of the chair and barstool legs will go perfectly with our steel design table legs. You will find classic and timeless colours like black or white, but also more original and trendy colours like rosemary green or eucalyptus grey. Ultimately, the hardest part will be choosing which one!

Personalise your interior with a designer barstool

The bar stool designed by TIPTOE will prop you up at your high table or bar, in your kitchen, with a minimalist elegance. Two heights are available: 65cm with the MI LOU stools and 75cm with the BIG LOU stools. If you spend time in front of the stove, your guests can keep you company and wait comfortably on your wooden or recycled plastic bar stool with some pre-dinner snacks.

The metal legs of the bar stool meet high standards of durability. You can use the stool every day without fear of premature wear and tear. For those of you who enjoyed building games as a child, making your own bar stool will be a real treat. The metal legs can be assembled and disassembled with little to no effort.

The stylish look of the TIPTOE designer barstool turns a simple piece of furniture into a real decorative accessory. The wooden seat comes in three different colours and the metal legs are available in four different colours. This gives you at least twelve ways to design the most beautiful stool for your home! The solid oak bar stool combined with the steel legs gives it a unique, industrial design.

Discover also a more original version of the barstool made of recycled plastic. This material is part of an eco-responsible approach. The white VENEZIA recycled plastic bar stool with its soft and pure lines, as well as the black and white MACCHIATO recycled plastic bar stool, will bring character to your kitchen or dining room.

Choose the comfort of a bar chair for your kitchen

The new SSD bar chair completes the TIPTOE bar stool range. The backrest and seat of this bar chair have been designed for daily use and to ensure maximum comfort. Its simple and elegant design, its clean lines and its steel legs drive home its minimalist aesthetic.

Available in two finishes, oak and recycled plastic, the bar chair is perfectly suited for a work surface, a central island, a high table or a bar table. Two heights are also available to suit all uses: the 65cm high bar chair and the 75cm high bar chair.

The combination of oak and metal of the wooden bar chair gives it an industrial and trendy style. The recycled plastic bar chair is a tall version of our iconic SSDr chair and its unique design.

SSD bar chairs are unique, durable and original. Their simple and timeless design makes them a piece of furniture that you will never grow tire of seeing. They are equally at home in the kitchen or dining room.

Sustainable, eco-responsible materials made in Europe

The solid oak of the stool comes from sustainably managed forests and boasts the PEFC label, which guarantees the furniture’s exemplary durability and exceptional quality. The oak bar chairs are also made from eco-certified wood. At TIPTOE, we build furniture to last as long as possible!

Recycled plastic gives the bar chairs and barstools a unique design. This innovative and highly resistant material is a true harbinger of the future of furniture. Proof that we can always give a second life to the things we throw away by turning them into sustainable furniture.

100% made in Europe, with noble and resistant materials, TIPTOE chairs and barstools can be used for decades in both private and public environments. These seating arrangements will fit wonderfully into the decor of cafes, restaurants, hotels, and corporate spaces, as well as that of your kitchen or dining room.

The legs are made of steel, a very strong and infinitely recyclable material. TIPTOE is committed to an eco-responsible approach by offering well designed and well-made furniture, built to last.

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