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Plastic Beauty, the recycled plastic collection

Autumn 2019

An ecologically-responsible approach

TIPTOE’s mission is to make sustainable furniture, well-designed, well-made and build to last. In line with these values, we have spent several months putting together this collection of tables and shelf units in recycled plastic, designed with the future of furniture firmly in mind. There’s still a long way to go, but we firmly believe that our sector, too, must align with new modes of consumption and we want, in our own small way, to start the ball rolling!


The new, recycled plastic collection comprises 3 models of coffee table and 2 models of shelf unit. Our aim is to demonstrate that it is possible to design objects in recycled plastic that combine beauty and timeless style as well as being long-lasting. The challenge we faced was to go beyond mere recycling and to create extraordinary items that make us completely forget the previous use of the plastic from which they are made!



See our recycled plastic shelf units here


VENEZIA coffee table

The VENEZIA is produced using approximately 100 yoghurt pots! With its bursts of colours, gold and silver, it is reminiscent of Venetian Terrazzo. Label fragments also give us clues about its previous incarnation! Each VENEZIA coffee table is unique and has its own, individual history, of plastic given a second youth through recycling…

VENEZIA and colorful legs

Choose the color of the TIPTOE legs : Cloudy White or Graphite Black for sobriety, Ash Pink or Cobalt Yellow for a surprising touch of color!

PACIFICO coffee table

The PACIFICO is made from PET plastic packaging! Its top is a translucent blue, dotted with many other colours that bring to mind fragile ocean coral! The subtle shades of this material are brought out by the light passing through it…

A nod to the oceans

The PACIFICO coffee table delights with its translucence, reminiscent of the ocean depths!

GENOVA coffee table

GENOVA’s oblong shape brings to mind the marble tabletops of old-time bistros. Its matte black surface is sprinkled with white, grey and silver flecks, like some kind of futuristic mineral material. The GENOVA coffee table adds a touch of sobriety and loads of character to any room!

The GENOVA’s top is made from PET plastic packaging.


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