NEW MODERN 4–seater workbench – white plywood


NEW MODERN 4–seater workbench – white plywood



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The NEW MODERN workbench

This version of the NEW MODERN workbench is ideal for 4 people to work. It is available in 2 sizes: standard and XL for more comfort. Its plywood tabletop is very robust and easy-to-clean, which makes it ideal for intensive professional use.


The NEW MODERN table system completes the classic TIPTOE range and its table legs by offering specialized formats for companies, offices or even co-working spaces with larger formats, new shapes, new table tops,  electrification options or even bespoke desks.

The NEW MODERN table system

A NEW MODERN table is composed of 2 steel tables legs connected together with 2 support bars in stainless steel. The tabletop goes on top of the structure and is screwed to it from below (depending on the formats, two crossbars or a central leg will be placed at the middle of the tabletop for extra support).

NEW MODERN stems from more than a year of hard-work and rigorous testing resulting in one-of-a-kind a modular table system. NEW MODERN combines high functionality and efficient manufacturing while being particularly long-lasting and durable.

The quality of the NEW MODERN system’s design allows for a wide variety of shapes and sizes (from individual desks to workbenchs and meeting tables) and tabletops both in eco-certified wood, plywood and recycled plastic.

An optional cable holder

The NEW MODERN workbench offers the possibility of adding electrification solutions including a cable holder that be easily screwed to the tabletop.

For further electrification needs, feel free to reach to our team dedicated to professionals using the form at the top of the page.

A dedicated team to professionals

Our Contract team advises and supports you in your professional projects such as offices, open spaces, co-working spaces, hotels, restaurants and many others. TIPTOE’s pro offer:

  • 2,000 projects across Europe
  • Products in stock delivered in 10 days
  • Customised services such as assembly
  • A specific offer: tailor-made tabletops (dimensions, materials and finishes), accessories, and customizable colors from a certain volume.

Do you need the NEW MODERN bench desk in other finishes or sizes? Contact our team.

Eco-design and sustainability

Durable materials and product lifecycle

Like every TIPTOE product, we designed the NEW MODERN table system while striving the have the least impact on the environment at each step of the product lifecycle.

  • Eco-certified plywood coming from sustainably managed forests (FSC label). The plywood tabletop is very strong and rigid.
  • Table legs and support bars made of steel : a material known both for its resistance and high recyclability (it’s actually the most recycled material on earth).
  • Very few components, all useful, robust and easy to repair or to replace if need be.
  • Flatpack delivery allowing for lower environmental impact during storage and shipping. Our packaging is made of at least 80% recycled paper

100% European manufacturing

Since the very beginning, we chose to manufacture all our products in Europe along with partners known for their exceptional know-how and craftsmanship.

Our NEW MODERN plywood tabletops are made in Poland, the steel table legs are made in Bulgaria while all mechanical and assembly parts are made in our family factory based in France near Chamonix.

The final assembly of our products is carried out in an French “ESAT”, a protected center whose mission is to promote and develop the social and work integration of persons with disabilities.

We strive to build long-term and positive relationships with every partner across Europe that we picked for their unique expertise.

Our designers reconcile function, aesthetics and durability

The name NEW MODERN is a tribute to the “Modern” movement that profoundly marked the history of architecture and furniture design (mainly from the 50’s to the 80’s) with the making of minimal, beautiful, highly-functional and long-lasting furniture.

Since 2015, we have been inspired by this philosophy to design functional, adaptable and minimalistic furniture while adding an essential component to today’s challenges : the sustainability of products and materials.

Through numerous iterations and solving multiple complexities, our in-house design team conceived a system combining elegant simplicity, honest design and remarkable sturdiness

Technical details

Content of your package

1 x tabletop in white plywood (all our wood comes from sustainably managed forests granted with FSC label)

2 x table legs in powder-coated steel

2 x support bars in stainless steel

8 x screws to fasten the table top to the main structure

1 central leg for the 280x140cm desk (screws to fasten them to the tabletop)

2 support crossbar for 240x140cm desk (screws to fasten them to the tabletop)

Weight : 75kg for the 240x140cm desk and 85kg for the 280x140cm desk

Max weight on the desk: 150kg for the 240x140cm desk and 200kg for the 280x140cm desk

OPTION : two cable holders and their screws


European manufacturing: the mechanical parts and assembly components are made in France in our family factory, the table legs are made in Bulgaria, the stainless steel support bars are made in Italy and processed in France, the wooden table top is made in Poland


The NEW MODERN table legs are in powder-coated steel. The plywood top is made of several birchwood sheets pressed to make a very strong and rigid panel. It is then veneered with a thin sheet of laminate which makes the tabletop exceptionally robust and easy to maintain, particularly suitable for professional use.

Shipping & delivery

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All our designs are protected in France, Europe and internationnally

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