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TIPTOE x HEJU : colorscape


Working alongside Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann, aka studio HEJU, TIPTOE has chosen to blend its iconic objects with new, natural, soft colors.

An exclusive collaboration around color

Various trips to Scandinavia have (unconsciously) helped, over the years, to determine and refine a palette that now defines HEJU’s work with poetic, refined halftones. For TIPTOE, the duo have created 4 new colors and applied them to their iconic objects: the 75 cm and 43 cm table legs, the LOU stool and the BRACKET wall hooks.

Scandinavia as an inspiration

The discovery of Sweden, Finland and Denmark has given HEJU a wealth of inspiration, with their lush landscapes, changing nature and atypical architecture. This range of colours allows you to immerse yourself in Nordic tones, to feel the comforting atmosphere of their interiors and their art of living in harmony with nature.

Iconic TIPTOE objects blended with soft, natural colors

It was important to HEJU architects that the new colors could work together, while complementing the colors already in the TIPTOE range.

The spruce beige

“Spruce” is a soothing, almost bare ecru, reminiscent of the luminous northern woods so dear to our work. It gives a real feeling of clarity and blends easily with all the other colours.

Then Cinnamon brown

“Cinnamon” is a mix of brown and tawny, a nod to the viennoiseries typical of Nordic gastronomy. This slightly muted, comforting terracotta adds warmth to the other shades.

The Aurore pink

“Aurore” is a soft, warm pink that plunges us into the serenity of polar skies with their delicately tinted pink glow. Pink is the iconic colour of the HEJU studio’s work, reworked here in a more assertive and enveloping way.

The Heather green

“Heather” is a shimmering green that evokes the variety of shades found in the wild landscapes and lush forests of Scandinavia. It’s a bold, singular shade that enhances the entire TIPTOE x HEJU range.

About HEJU

Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann founded the interior design studio HEJU in 2017. They have created a world that blends Japanese and Scandinavian influences, working around rectilinear lines and minimalist volumes to create timeless spaces. The duo use natural materials and white as the basis of their work, creating contrasts with colour. The choice of materials, colours and textures is at the heart of their thinking, to create atmospheres that appeal to all the senses.

You can find the 75cm and 43cm clamp table leg, the LOU stool and the BRACKET wall hooks in shops and on the


Photography : Jonathan Mauloubier
Set design: Elsa Lagunas
Architects : Bokanowski project – HEJU


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