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Home office: how to set up an office corner with TIPTOE?

30 October 2020

Home office: how to set up an office corner with TIPTOE?

Which TIPTOE desk to go in your little office space at home?

Due to the current situation, more and more of us are working from home. This means we need a suitable desk, a comfortable office chair and why not some storage space to enable your productivity and concentration levels at home to rival those that you reach at the office. TIPTOE is the ideal solution for arranging your workspace at home while remaining clean, functional, beautiful and durable. When teleworking or doing your children’s homework, everyone needs their own little office space.

Are you struggling to choose the right office furniture?
Do you have a limited amount of space? Do you need storage?
We have you all the key items you need to design
and organise your office corner at home.

A simple and practical office corner with the NOMA desk.


This is the perfect office package for everyone! With its 4, 75-cm TIPTOE legs and a 120 x 60-cm oak top, the NOMA desk is suitable for any interior. Choose the colour of its feet to match your decor and have a new desk set up in your bedroom or your living room, in just 5 minutes. Its ideal dimensions make it a comfortable workspace to place your computer, notebooks, pens… Perhaps you’re starting to get the picture: if you don’t know what to choose, the NOMA desk will not disappoint!

The MONOCHROME desk for a tidy workspace.


The MONOCHROME desk comes with 4, 75-cm TIPTOE legs; a 120 x 60-cm oak top; and our WAVE set of drawers. The extra little perk of this desk? Its modular drawers you can place wherever you wish to store your things! You rather need a support to raise your computer screen? Just put the thin sheet of steel on the desk.

The WAVE drawer module is made of powder-coated steel, just like the TIPTOE legs. Here we replicate TIPTOE’s DNA to bring you a simple and easy-to-install storage unit for your office corner, and no tools are required as the module slides between the legs and desktop.

A slick workspace with the wall desk.


The wall desk comes with 2 BRACKET wall hangers; 2, 75-cm TIPTOE legs; and a 120 x 60-cm oak top. This configuration is perfect for saving on space and producing a lighter visual effect. The desk boasts very clean lines thanks to the 2 wall hangers to be mounted with 3 dedicated screws. The dimensions of the top make it a suitable surface for everyday use and the two TIPTOE legs hold up this desk that can be grafted onto virtually any wall in the house.
The wall desk can be mounted facing the wall or perpendicular to the wall to enjoy a more open viewpoint while working.

Height 75cm
Height 75cm
Height 75cm
9 colours

The homemade office, upcycled or custom-made.


Thanks to TIPTOE you can also create your own personal office. Is your office corner atypical and you need a particular shape or length? Design your own custom-made desk with 4 TIPTOE legs and the desktop of your choice!

Are you more of an upcycler and already have a nice desktop for your workspace? With TIPTOE desk legs you can set up a creative and unique office space.

9 colours
9 colours

The office chair: an imperative when designing your office space.

When working from home, none should neglect the importance of setting up their office space with a comfortable place to sit. At TIPTOE, we have designed our chairs to be the most comfortable, even after hours sat working on them. The curves of the backrest and the seat have been specially crafted to fit the shape of the body as much as possible; comfort guaranteed!

The SSD chair, Simple, Solid, Durable (and comfortable).


The SSD chair is the ideal chair for an office space at home. You know it so well and you love it! Its different combinations of wood and colours of steel allow you to pair it with any type of interior decor. With it, your office corner will finally have a fine chair that fills you with pride! Like all our products, it is made in Europe and can be assembled in 2 minutes with a single screw; a major time saver.

The SSDr chair, for a green workspace.


The SSDr chair (Simple, Solid, Durable and Recycled) has the same properties as its big sister with one particularity: its backrest and seat are not made of wood but rather recycled plastic. At TIPTOE, we are always looking for innovative materials with the lowest possible environmental impact to offer you sustainable furniture. The SSDr chair is the result of more than a year and a half of demanding craftsmanship. This beautiful recycled plastic chair can now be yours, for your home office. The SSDr chair comes in 4 colours and you can go with a monochrome look for your office corner.

The LOU stool, a space saver for your office corner.


Do you have a small workspace with no room for a desk chair? The LOU stool will be perfect! Thanks to its solid wood seat, you will enjoy the comfort you need while saving on floor and visual space. Moreover, the LOU stool is a versatile object, for your office corner, bedside table in the evening or an extra seat at the table. And it can also be stacked!

Kitting out your home office: storage and organisation!

Your workspace at home should be as tidy and organised as possible for better concentration. You can keep your files in the drawers of our WAVE storage module or stacked on our wall shelves or bookshelves! As always, our wood comes from sustainably managed European forests (PEFC certification).

90 X 20 X 2.5 CM

Solid oak wall shelves; value guaranteed.


TIPTOE solid oak wall shelves come with one or two BRACKET wall hangers and a solid oak board. TIPTOE shelves also come in several sizes to fit into your space, whether it is large, small or narrow; or in need of one or more shelves. Solid oak is absolutely a safe bet when it comes to furnishing your home office corner, it goes well with a wide range of materials!

60 X 20 X 2.5 CM

Wall shelves made of recycled old wood, a second life.


The old wood used for TIPTOE wall shelves comes from old barns or the bottoms of defunct railcars on their way to the scrapyard. As ever, with this circular and sustainable approach, we wanted to give this fine material a second chance. To a workspace, old wood always adds some charm and authenticity.

Reclaimed wood shelves
60 X 20 X 2 CM

The wall shelves made of recycled plastic, a unique material.


Setting up an office corner at home should be synonymous with pleasure and originality! That’s absolutely what you get with wall shelves made of recycled plastic. Available in white (Venezia) or blue (Pacifico), you will notice traces of their former lives; yogurt cups or plastic bottles. Recycled plastic shelves bring an atypical and unique character to your workspace, with their Terrazzo or translucent aspect.

Recycled plastic shelves
45 X 20 X 2.5 CM

The wall shelves in raw wood with bark; bring home a little spot of nature.


Our wall-mounted shelves in raw wood with bark bring home the natural world. The oak shelves, almost raw, are varnished for a pleasant touch and we chose to keep the bark on this beautiful wood that reminds us of being in the forest. The appearance of an office nook with the shelves in raw wood will make you forget about the daily grind! Make some room for nature…

Live edge wood shelves
6 colours

Custom-made wall shelves with the BRACKET wall mount.


BRACKET wall mounts use the same clamp system as the TIPTOE legs and adapts to a wide variety of shelves, which lets to create your custom-made shelf for your office nook. With only three holes to drill, you can install several BRACKETs create a large set of shelves, if not bookshelves. Do you have some scrap wood lying around? Do you have a little space above your home office? With our BRACKETs, you will be able to hang your wall shelves quickly and easily. And tomorrow, should you wish to change them? Simply remove the boards, leaving the BRACKETS in place, and slide in your new boards!

TIPTOE is the perfect solution for your home office!



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