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Tiptoe unveils a new visual identity

14 June 2024

Tiptoe unveils a new visual identity

At its ten-year anniversary draws near, Tiptoe is ready to unveil a new visual identity and freshly revisited graphic codes.

Since its creation in 2015, Tiptoe has been infusing the French design landscape with a new vision. Year after year, the studio has set itself apart with a highly distinctive approach to object design.

Its vision is driven by an exceptional industrial expertise in service of creative and innovative concepts. Tiptoe stands out by its timeless design, bold exploration of color and in-depth studio of the best uses for materials.

A new visual identity 

This graphic evolution opens a new chapter for Tiptoe, illustrating the brand’s ability to pair the precision of industrial techniques with a creative approach to object design. 

As a design studio, this new identity reflects a strong ambition to make a lasting, positive impact on French design.


This vision reflects the way we design and craft each object. Each of the new collections reflects a creative challenge successfully met by the studio : that of producing simple, well-appointed pieces with a distinctive and timeless style.

“With our creations, Tiptoe celebrates a modern and vibrant vision of design. Every object in the studio has to be beautiful, durable and timeless” – Matthieu Bourgeaux, cofounder of Tiptoe.

Guided by such principles as simplicity and restraint, the studio’s designers consider functionality to be the heart of its product design. Form is a direct expression of use.

The designers at Tiptoe don’t stop at a minimalist and functional approach to design. The rigor of their craft guarantees each piece a very long service life, with an extraordinary reparability and replaceable parts.

Visit us at our flagship, 14 rue du Temple, 75004 Paris.

Follow us on Instagram : tiptoedesign


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