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What size of desktop is best for you?

18 June 2021

What size of desktop is best for you?

Your office has been completely repainted, your files have been stored in cardboard boxes and your chair on wheels rolls perfectly. This leaves only your choice of desk, and therefore the dimensions of your desktop. For those who are not into home improvement or accustomed to measuring stuff all the time, it’s hard to be 100% sure if it’s better to go for a small desktop, or if you can imagine going longer and wider. With this in mind, TIPTOE rolled up their sleeves, took out their pencils and measuring tape, and measured all of their desktops for you!

120 X 60 CM

Standard desktop dimensions

 When choosing your desk, the first question you’ll have to ask yourself is how much space you have to accommodate it because an original office needs a minimum amount of space to be able to shine!

If the surface area of your interior allows for a standard desk, opt for a rectangular top 120 cm long and 60 cm wide. Its ideal thickness would fall between 30 and 40 mm.

120 cm x 60 cm

The NOMA desk

At TIPTOE, several products can embellish your office space! For example, the NOMA desk comes with the dimensions 120 x 60 cm. This desk with steel legs has a beautiful oak top. NOMA is also available with an antique recycled wood top. It will easily find its place in any type of space.

Discover the NOMA desk

The MONOCHROME desk has the same dimensions of 120 x 60 cm and an oak top. It offers additional comfort thanks to its WAVE storage module and its three steel drawers.

120 X 60 CM
120 X 60 CM
120 X 60 CM

Have you fallen for the storage module and already possess a longer desktop? The WAVE drawers can also be attached to these outsized tops. All you have to do is place the feet 120 cm apart along the length where WAVE is installed. 

For those who would like to optimise their space, the 120 x 60 cm wall desk is the ideal solution: your wall replaces two of its table legs! Practical and trendy.

9 colours . Height 75 cm

Desktop dimensions for small interiors

Because a small space is also entitled to its own little desk, TIPTOE has designed a 120 x 30 cm solid oak top. 

In general, when the interior requires wooden desk tops with scaled-back dimensions, we advise you to opt for lengths of less than 120 cm, and widths of less than 60 cm. Thickness should still fall within 30 to 40 mm range.

120 X 30 CM

LIMA, the side desk

Made at TIPTOE, find the minimalist desktops of the LIMA side desk in solid oak and its twin version in recycled old wood. Both desks offer a rectangular top format: 120 x 60 cm. The ideal compromise for those who cannot have a large desk but do not wish to compromise on craftsmanship or style!

Discover the LIMA desk
120 cm x 60 cm

Desktop dimensions for large desks

If you are lucky enough to have the space for a big desk, opt for a 150 cm long and 75 cm wide desktop. With this model, the thickness will necessarily be 40 mm. And this recommendation applies to all desks longer than 150 cm.

TIPTOE has gone big with its BALTHAZAR 150 x 75 cm model made of recycled old wood. Also usable as a dining room table, this over-size desk will give you all the comfort you need to lay out your files and arrange your pens by colour!

9 colours . Height 75 cm
9 colours . Height 75 cm

A twin of BALTHAZAR is also available with an oak top. Its dimensions and uses remain the same. 

Note that for both models, you can easily work in pairs without mixing up your lecture notes, meeting minutes or pens!

6 colours . Height 75cm

Desktop dimensions for a custom-designed desk

For even more freedom, TIPTOE lets you design your own office as you see fit. All you need do is purchase the 75 cm table and/or desk legs and choose your desktop.  Follow our recommendations (for a perfect result!). And since the legs come in 9 different colours, you can have fun with it!

Desk table legs
6 colours . Height 75cm

The wall desk

Another possibility: acquire two 75 cm legs and two BRACKET wall mounts. You will be able to design your wall desk as you wish, by adding the desktop of your choice. The desktop should be between 30 and 40 mm thick. Space the legs and the wall mounts about 1.50m apart and create a tip-top piece of furniture!

Our wall desk

The little extra bonus of TIPTOE desks

Ah, don’t we love our office spaces! And to make sure that this is the case for as many of you as possible, we have designed a series of various tops in many sizes and wood finishes. Visit our website to discover all the possibilities available to you!

120 X 60 CM

Whatever the set-up of your interior, you will inevitably find a beautiful model of desk or table top to sublimate it. TIPTOE recommends that you first take measurements of you space before looking for the desk of your dreams. You will have a (slightly) clearer vision of the space that the furniture will take up, and will be able to revise your needs, larger or smaller, depending on the situation.


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