How to make your own TIPTOE desk ?

19 August 2021

How to make your own TIPTOE desk ?

Increased teleworking, kids starting school, university studies: there are myriad personal or professional situations that make the installation of a home office indispensable. To work from home with style and rigour, why not create a dedicated space conducive to concentration? You deserve a motivating office space that you can make your own, a place where you feel good. At TIPTOE, we thought of developing several solutions, both practical and functional, to create a small office in the blink of an eye. Ready to roll up your sleeves?

Our table legs, a small revolution

9 colours . Height 75 cm
9 colours . Height 75 cm

The first product designed by TIPTOE, the 75 cm modular desk and table leg is the flagship concept of the brand. It supports our desire to create beautiful, useful and durable furniture for you and with you. The principle? Be able to install, with in a few minutes and without tools, a dining room table, a desk or a side table, depending on the table top that you use with our legs. By playing with the dimensions of the top or its style, you can transform your furniture at will.

Clever stuff!

18 colours

An ideal height for working

The height of these TIPTOE legs is 75 cm, a height that was not chosen by chance as it guarantees optimal seating comfort. But functionality would be nothing without a stylish design. The TIPTOE table legs reinvent your interior.

9 colours . Height 75 cm

A large choice of colors

Available in a range of 9 epoxy paints, they lend themselves to your every whim and fancy. In a soft and feminine universe, or in a more audacious and authentic style, you can create radically different office spaces to which the color of the TIPTOE legs bring character!


Choice of the top, a tougher choice than it may seem

120 X 60 CM

The ingenuity of TIPTOE legs lies in their patented system of screw tightening that adapts to a wide variety of tops. This provides you with a clever way to change your décor as often as you like. Still, there are a few rules to follow to make sure you build your furniture safely. The thickness of the wooden tops must be between 30 and 40 mm, with a tolerance of up to 41 mm maximum. Yes, at TIPTOE, we like precision. With 4 legs, the dimensions of your table or desk can be up to 180×100 cm and support 70 kg. These generous dimensions can accommodate 6 to 8 people.

For the top, bear in mind that we have avoided glass or any other brittle material.

Are you dreaming of creating your own desk but feel short on inspiration? Pick up ideas from the original creations of the TIPTOE community. Our editorial board was won over by Samantha and her ultra-contemporary desk with its two-tone black and white top. A must-have created by renowned designers, like you!

9 colours . Height 75 cm
9 colours . Height 75 cm
9 colours . Height 75 cm
9 colours . Height 75 cm

Making your own TIPTOE desk, nothing could be easier!

For your desk, you have finally chosen your TIPTOE legs and the top of your dreams. It’s time to start putting it together. This is a simple step that anyone can do, even those who do not feel they are much of a handyman. Don’t believe us? Just follow the guide!

  • Place your desk top against a wall.
  • Install the legs where you want them.
  • Tighten the clamping screw by hand, holding the legs tightly against the top.
  • Finish tightening with the Allen wrench provided by us.

All you have to do is turn your desk over, position it where you like and decorate it as you wish. Did we not say it was this easy?

Ready-made desks, what do you say?

120 cm x 60 cm

At TIPTOE, we have thought about all types of people. Creative types who seek modular and customisable solutions, and busy types looking for ready-to-assemble desks. The NOMA desk combines 4 TIPTOE legs in the colour of your choice and a top made of wood oak or recycled old wood. The result is trendy desks that enhance your workspace, whatever the style of your interior decoration.

120 X 60 CM

White legs, waxed concrete floor and round paper light fixtures for a Japanese atmosphere. Or black legs, weathered wood floors and vintage wall decorations for a more authentic look. It’s amazing what you can imagine around a piece of TIPTOE furniture.

Those looking for more storage should be won over by the MONOCHROME desk and its additional storage module called WAVE : 3 steel drawers that are simply attached to the tabletop with the TIPTOE leg clamp. This is the option chosen by Janelle who has created a cheerful and colourful office space, just like her personality!


Assembling the MONOCHROME desk couldn’t be easier! There is only one step in addition to those previously described: fixing the WAVE drawers. Choose the position of your drawer on the tabletop, slide the steel sheet between the tabletop and the leg and then tighten the TIPTOE legs to secure it. Add the drawers and you’re done!

And for small spaces?

For those who do not have a lot of floor space, TIPTOE has come up with the wall desk. This innovative combo features TIPTOE legs with the BRACKET wall mounts. In its ready-to-assemble or customisable version, the wall desk fits into any interior, even the narrowest. And always with the same ease of assembly!

5 colours . Height 75cm
5 colours . Height 75cm

This is how Esther was able to create her little office corner with ease. Ergonomic and practical, it is the ideal ally to create a workplace in a small space. An optimized space that takes advantage of every inch of the house. Space saving guaranteed!

The same approach was adopted by Virginie, who managed to fit her home office into her bedroom, without altering its overall bohemian atmosphere. The minimalist design and clean lines of the TIPTOE wall desk will bring a trendy decorative touch to your office area.

A special mention goes to the 90-cm TIPTOE legs and the BRACKET wall mounts. Their height makes it possible to work standing up or have a drink with friends. Modular, functional, aesthetic and durable furniture: TIPTOE keeps the surprises coming…

The NEW MODERN desk collection

For those who dream of a desk with generous dimensions, NEW MODERN is the collection that will satisfy all your needs. The new fastening system and the sleek design give our new collection a unique charm. NEW MODERN desks are perfect for teleworking or studying.

18 colours
26 colours

In eco-certified wood from sustainably managed forests, or in recycled plastic made from yoghurt pots, you will find the desk you need!  The aestheticism of this professional desk fits perfectly in any interior.

7 colours . 45 cm

In short, with TIPTOE, you can create your own custom-made wall or standing desk, based on the dimensions you need and the look of the top you want. You can always opt for an all-in-one, ready-to-assemble solution. An infinite number of possibilities available to meet everyone’s needs and decorating desires!

120 X 60 CM


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