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NEW MODERN : the new table system by TIPTOE

18 March 2021

NEW MODERN : the new table system by TIPTOE

136 combinations thanks to NEW MODERN to complete our range of tables

After months of work, we’re very proud to unveil the NEW MODERN table system!

TIPTOE was born in 2015 thanks to the essential colored table leg and its clamp system. The table leg truly launched this mission to create sustainable, well thought out and well produced furniture.

Imagining a new table system is therefore a real challenge and a nod to the beginnings of the brand. Today we are talking to Thibault, Alexandre and Constant from our design team to find out more about NEW MODERN!

Why did you develop a new table system at TIPTOE?

Initially, the request comes from our professional clients, like architects. We have often been asked for dining tables or desks in round, larger formats or in new materials like recycled plastic.

We have imagine a system to create tables without limit in length with irreproachable ease and efficiency. NEW MODERN complete our range by opening up new possibilities of formats, finishes and uses with the same requirement of durability.

How is this new table different from the TIPTOE leg? What is it made of?

C’est un autre système et une autre esthétique ! Le pied TIPTOE permet d’avoir une table modulable et d’y adapter un grand nombre de plateaux grâce à son système de serre-joint. Les tables NEW MODERN se caractérisent par une possibilité de tables plus grandes et des matériaux inédits.

Une table NEW MODERN est composée de 2 arches de pieds en acier dans lesquelles s’insèrent deux poutres en inox. Le plateau vient ensuite se clipser sur la structure et est maintenu par une traverse pour les plus grandes tables, ensuite vissée. Grâce à sa grande efficacité à la fois sur le plan industriel et fonctionnel, vous pouvez aménagez votre espace selon vos envies : le plus grand format de table à manger pour recevoir vos amis, le format rond pour votre cuisine, un bureau individuel pour télétravailler confortablement, ou les benchs de travail XL au bureau pour vos réunions, conférences…

Why is the NEW MODERN system sustainable?

As with all TIPTOE objects, the 5 principles of sustainable design guided our thinking. NEW MODERN tables are made with sustainable materials, 100% in Europe. A NEW MODERN table is made up of a few very robust parts for ease of assembly, but also all easily replaceable if necessary. It also allows for a flat delivery to limit the environmental impact.

We have chosen steel for the legs, which is the most recycled material. For the tops of our tables, we always use the best materials and manufacturing processes. For example, the oak tables are made from solid fir then veneered with oak and PEFC-certified. The varnish is water-based to ensure durability over time and easy maintenance. When it is possible, we use recycled materials such as recycled plastic.

What were your inspirations for the NEW MODERN tables?

“When innovating in furniture, the problems to be solved are as complex as those of large constructions” said Jean Prouvé.

EW MODERN is a tribute to the Modern movement that profoundly marked the history of architecture and furniture design. Modernism emerged in the 1920’s but truly established itself from 1950 to 1990 with beautiful, highly-functional and long-lasting furniture. Since 2015, we have drawn from this philosophy to design functional, adaptable and minimalistic furniture while adding a key component to face today’s challenges : the sustainability of products and materials.⁣⁣

What are the specific features of the offer for professionals?

The offer has been specially designed for professionals. The design of your workspace is essential for your well-being and productivity. The meeting tables, XL work benches and individual desks have been created to meet today’s needs, simply and ingeniously, whether at home or in an open space. Openings on the table top for the passage of electrical outlets and cable ducts ensure a tidy and organised work space. The large formats allow you to work comfortably, alone or with your co-workers.

How did you keep TIPTOE DNA?

We have created a simple table system, which is quickly and easily assembled like all TIPTOE objects.

We always use steel for the legs, the most recycled material in the world, and we always innovate on table tops with wood or other recycled materials. You will find your favorite colors: Cloud White, Graphite Black, Eucalyptus Gray, Rosemary Green and Ash Pink.

The logic of industrial manufacture and functionality specific to TIPTOE helps to create a minimalist aesthetic devoid of any artifice. NEW MODERN’s design is simple and timeless, colorful or sober depending on the combinations.

The NEW MODERN collection available on March 28!

With NEW MODERN, you will have the choice between large dining tables, individual desks, round tables or even XL bench desks for open space! ⁣⁣ In oak, recycled plastic or other materials, you will find the perfect combination for your interior. All made in Europe, with the right materials and few parts for even more durability.

You know almost everything about this new tabletop system that we are very proud to present to you! Thank you for your encouragement and your enthusiasm for this unprecedented launch on March 28!

The NEW MODERN collection


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