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Phoebe’s must-have for a smooth return to work!

31 August 2022

Phoebe’s must-have for a smooth return to work!

Phoebe has been working at TIPTOE for a short time and has already found her favourite items. She shares them with you here to help you make the transition. Find out more.

The MONOCHROME desk for an organised return to work

Designed for real workspaces, the MONOCHROME desk is the perfect piece of furniture to pick up your files where you left them! With its 3 WAVE steel drawers, it will allow you to store a few snacks your supplies and your documents without cluttering up your space. And for a smooth return, what better than a bright, sleek colour that will reflect the remaining rays of this summer’s sun.

Phoebe chose it in Cloud White because, “It’s a color that doesn’t distort the mood of  your interior, brightens the room, and gives you the energy you need to start a day of working from home!”


The SSD Soft chair for unparalleled comfort

We all know the drawbacks of working from home: distractions, connection problems or the urge to work from your EASY sofa. With Phoebe’s choice, there’s no need to look for comfort – it’s there! The SSD Soft chair lives up to its name, with a foam-covered seat that has been specially designed to ensure your well-being during long periods spent at your desk. And did you know? This cover is removable and washable!

“The SSD Soft chair in Cloud White matches perfectly with the MONOCHROME desk in the same colour. A duo that reigns in elegance, comfort and durability.”

SSD Soft chair

The LOU stool for freedom of movemen

Are you like Phoebe and like to be comfortable but still be able to move around? Add a stool to your desk! The soft and pure colour you need? Eucalyptus Grey, without hesitation! It’s the colourful touch you need to keep the light atmosphere of the Cloudy White duo intact while bringing a touch of sunshine to the room.

“We always feel more creative when we are on the move. That’s why it’s important for me to have another seat. And with the LOU stool, you also have a beautiful decorative element when you’re not using it!”


Tabouret LOU Gris Eucalyptus

The EASY sofa to chill out after work

“My favourite item in the TIPTOE catalogue is definitely the EASY sofa! It’s so comfortable that you can really switch off and relax after a day at home.”

The colour she thinks is a must-have for her home? Sand Beige, a nod to the summer! This soft colour goes well with any interior and brings an elegant yet warm atmosphere.


EASY Sand Beige

The KIDS collection for creative learning

It’s a return to school for the kids! To equip them with a touch of originality, Phoebe has chosen a mix of materials. The Vice Versa slate desk and MINI LOU stool in recycled plastic combo creates a sustainable and creative workspace, perfect for letting the kids express themselves.

Vice Versa desk DINO GREEN

“I love Dino Green! It’s a colour that’s both sparkling and soothing, and works well with pastel shades as well as brighter colours. You can be as inventive as you like when it comes to matching it with other furniture!”

MINI LOU recycled plastic

Do you like this selection?

You too can go in search of the perfect office furniture and (re)design your workspace for a smooth return to work with our special offer:

Buy a desk and an SSD chair? We’ll include a solid oak LOU stool in your order !

Back-to-work offers

And for those of you who have just returned from vacation and already wish to go back, we’re offering a free slipcover set with the purchase of an EASY sofa! To take advantage of this offer, it’s simple: add an EASY sofa to your shopping cart along with the cover set in the color of your choice. We’ll take care of the rest!

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