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Decorating your bedroom with TIPTOE furniture

18 March 2022

Decorating your bedroom with TIPTOE furniture

A veritable cocoon of softness, the bedroom is a sort of zen bubble where one can enjoy taking refuge. To truly feel at ease, emphasis must be placed on its interior decoration. This room, which is typically not open to the public, can give free rein to all your decorative fancies. In your room, there is only one watchword: let your creativity run wild! For those who have trouble finding inspiration, TIPTOE has put together a selection of the best decorating ideas for a great adult bedroom.

Just follow the guide!

Unusual bedside tables

Bedside tables are the structuring element of a bedroom and have a major impact on the overall decor. Gone are the small classic pieces of furniture, the trend is to re-purpose different types of objects.  And in this respect, the TIPTOE community is full of decorating ideas!

The LOU stool as a bedside table

Since their creation, LOU stools have been chameleons. They can be used as seats or as side tables, but now they can also be transformed into a bedside table as practical as it is beautiful. Timeless, the wooden LOU stool fits terribly well into the dolled-up night corner of Home Deco, as well as in Suzanne’s exotic jungle bedroom.

The tinted oak seat of our stool goes perfectly with any style of bedroom decor. A few books, a vase, some dried flowers, and you a designer bedside table perfect for a modern bedroom decorationWe love it!

Our LOU wooden stools are also the perfect place to put a pretty green plant. Placed next to the bed as a bedside table, it is really the decorative touch that makes the difference in the bedroom!

our design stool

Finishes for all styles

Its little brother, the MACCHIATO stool in recycled plastic, will give a new lease on life to Paul’s old-fashioned bedroom decor – in a daring mix of styles!


Trendy decorating idea: the chair as a bedside table

Stools are not the only TIPTOE furniture ready to play the use-change game. The SSD Soft chair makes for a nice bedside table in Lucie’s room, where neutral tones predominate. The SSDr chair in recycled plastic also lends itself to being used as a bedside table next to the bed. The assortment of white furniture in Helene’s parent’s bedroom makes us think of a puffy white cloud!

A wall-mounted bedside table

For small spaces, TIPTOE had the ingenious idea of creating wall-mounted bedside tables. With their solid oak shelf, they blend in with the bohemian chic decor of Anna Pradal. It’s so easy to keep everything tidy and yet still at hand, and always in style!


Much more than just seating!

The night corner is often a small space that one does not wish to burden with large pieces of furniture. However, the adult bedroom should be a place where all sorts of fantasies can be lived out in terms of decoration. To save space and create a personalised atmosphere, why not use a seat as an extra piece of furniture? Go for a dense decorating approach as you see fit while saving a little extra space.

A simple and effective decorating idea: the chair

The TIPTOE community is surprisingly creative. At Sophie’s, the SSD chair in eco-certified wood highlights a decorative composition in natural shades that creates a soft harmony with the oak. The white recycled plastic chair SSDr also fulfils its role as a decorative object in its own right thanks to its refined design.

LOU, the decorative object for any room

Another inspiration with the LOU stool in wood from Nordish Rooms. Its sober lines disappear to give way to a designer lamp. For a modern decor that keeps up perfectly with the times! Annika chose the VENEZIA stool in white recycled plastic to put the finish touch on her Scandinavian bedroomA winning bet!

TIPTOE furniture is also frequently used for plant decoration. Adelana and Suzanne have seen the potential of our LOU stools for holding their plants in their bedroom. They can be used to create a small indoor jungle. Lush as can be!

The bench, the decorative asset in a parent’s bedroom

It’s amazing how a small piece of furniture can transform a space. The bench has the virtue of changing the decoration of your parental bedroom in a flash and at a lower cost. Far from being a useless object, it serves as both a seat and storage space, without compromising the overall aesthetic.


At TIPTOE, we have designed the DUKE bench, a minimalist and designer piece of furniture that also happens to be quite solid. With a load bearing of 150 kg, it can hold piles of books or the heaps of dressing gowns that you might throw over it.


While Gaëlle and Lena opted for the DUKE bench in oak, Judith was more daring with a raw reclaimed wood top that she paired with the short 43cm bench legs. A unique piece of furniture that accentuates the modern rock’n’roll decoration of this black bedroom.

9 colours

Shelves to spruce up your walls

If your walls are looking grey, it may be time to decorate them with wall shelves. Small decorative accessories in their own right, shelves spruce up your walls in no time. Thanks to our BRACKET wall mounts, you can create your own custom-made wall shelves by combining the shelf top of your choice with the dimensions of your choice.

A designer wall shelf

If the prospect of unlimited creative possibilities intimidates you, don’t panic! TIPTOE has come up with 120cm and 150cm solid oak wall shelves. These long shelves lend themselves to all kinds of decorative ideas! From the bookcase above the bed space by Guirardo to the XXL bedside table at Gia’s place.

150 X 20 X 2.5 CM
120 X 20 X 2.5 CM

The problem with shelves is that sometime you have no idea what to put on them. To find inspiration, the TIPTOE community is often full of original decorating ideas. We fell in love with Sebastien’s hanging garden, which combines plant decoration and modern art, without taking up too much floor space.

6 colours

An office space in the room just for you!

You don’t need that much space to work well. In an adult bedroom, all you need is a small corner, a table top and a little imagination to create the home office you’ve always dreamed of. And TIPTOE desks can be adapted to any configuration.

A custom-made office

With the 75cm desk legs, you can combine the table top of your choice with the dimensions of your choice. This way, you can create a customised desk precisely in line with your wishes and needs. Or you can simply choose the NOMA desk, a ready-to-use combination that Danilo has chosen to decorate his bedroom.


NEW MODERN offices

The trendier NEW MODERN desk brings extra elegance to Habi’s bedroom. To outline the space of your office area, think of giving it a spot of paint or adding a strip of trendy wallpaper. To keep everything close at hand, and in style, multiply the number of clever storage units, such as wicker baskets to hold your office supplies or a photo album to stow your important documents.


Decorating your office is an art

Lucie has created a modern office corner in her parental bedroom with a combination of black and white decorative objects. On the aesthetic side, express yourself through office accessories that reflect your personality. A designer armchair, a desk lamp as stylish as it is bright, a vase turned into a pencil pot: there is no shortage of decorative ideas when it comes to livening up your workspace…

Find all our tips for designing an office corner in our article.


Office chairs, a decorating essential

Our wooden SSD chair will be the perfect place to sit comfortably behind your desk. Amelie has gone with the bright wood and black legs option, while Maja has opted for the dark wood and bright legs. Two decorating ideas that fit perfectly into the office space of a parental bedroom.

In short, at TIPTOE, you can find all kinds of furniture to decorate your bedroom. Bedside table, chair, bench, stool, wall shelf, desk… but have you yet found the inspiration to help you turn your night corner into a bedroom all your own?



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