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Constant Chialli

Constant Chialli

Constant Chialli is a mechanical engineer in the TIPTOE design team. Passionate about materials and industrial know-how, Constant joined the brand for his internship in 2019 before joining the team full-time.

Constant works in collaboration with designers on the design and production of new furniture. His role is to find the appropriate technical solutions to shape the materials and assemble the different elements that will make up our products. He produces the technical plans (2D/3D) and draws up the specifications in order to share them with our industrial partners. He then coordinates the prototyping and industrialization phases to ensure the quality and finish of your future furniture.

Constant studied at UTBM in 2016 in the Ergonomics, Design and Mechanical Engineering speciality. His internship experiences confirmed his desire to practice product design while combining function and durability.