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Enjoy 10% off our desks, chairs, lamps and sofas, and 25% off the KIDS collection. Offer valid on the website and in shop from 12 September to 2 October.

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BACK-TO-SCHOOL OFFER: up to 25% off aselection of products!

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Enjoy 10% off our desks, chairs, lamps and sofas, and 25% off the KIDS collection. Offer valid on the website and in shop from 12 September to 2 October.

Only at the TIPTOE shop: our collaboration with Minuit Céramique


TIPTOE x Minuit Céramique : the 100% Made in France collaboration

For the holiday season, the design studio TIPTOE is collaborating with Minuit Céramique, the brand of super creative tableware and objects made in France by a new generation of artisans. For the occasion, TIPTOE and Minuit Céramique have co-created a collection gathering a mug, a candle and a vase. Featuring TIPTOE’s signature colors, the objects in this collection of handmade tableware are the perfect gift to place under the tree.

Who is Minuit Céramique?

At the end of 2020, in the midst of a confinement, Sarah and Jasmine, the two founders of Minuit Céramique, realized that with the stores closed, online sales were becoming indispensable for French ceramists. That’s when they decided to create a collective of craftsmen and to organize ephemeral online sales. Today, Minuit Céramique is 40 ceramists who participate in ephemeral sales.

Alongside this collective, there is also the “Studio Minuit Céramique”, Jasmine and Sarah’s own brand. Based in Bourgogne in France, they see the studio as a new French ceramic factory. To create their collections, they ask their customers on Instagram and co-create in this way 100% French tableware. Each piece is therefore handmade on site.

It is there that the TIPTOE x Minuit Céramique collection has been designed. A collaboration 100% Made in France and artisanal.

More than a collaboration, it’s a real meeting between four passionate entrepreneurs who have at heart to do well and produce well. Discover the beautiful ceramic collection with the colors of TIPTOE.

The objects of the collaboration

The collection includes :

  • a candle with the smell of cotton flower
  • a 250ml mug that fits all: coffee and tea drinkers
  • a vase

A collection created hand in hand

The entire collection was created in collaboration with Minuit Céramique: from the selection of the material, to the product, its shape, to the formulation of the color.

A collaboration around colours

To create harmony between our two worlds, we based our collaboration on colours. This is a fundamental aspect for our design studio which has always taken a great interest in the formulation of these. We have been inspired by the three main colors of the TIPTOE catalog (Eucalyptus Grey, Sunflower Yellow and Ash Pink) to design our ceramics.

The manufacturing process

Each object is handcrafted in the Minuit Céramique studio in Rhône-Alpes. From the preparation of the clay, to the molds, to the creation and firing of the pieces, all steps are done on site. A liquid stoneware, called “barbotine” is poured into plaster molds to form the model. After removal from the mold, each piece is reworked about fifteen times between the finishing touches and glazing. After several weeks of manufacturing including two high temperature firings, the objects are ready to join your tables. The pieces are dishwasher and microwave friendly.

A meeting between young French entrepreneurs

The collaboration between TIPTOE and Minuit Céramique is above all the meeting between four French entrepreneurs who have at heart to offer beautiful and well produced objects. Minuit Céramique objects are 100% produced in France, TIPTOE objects are 100% produced in Europe, including a part in France, in Matthieu’s family factory, near Chamonix. There is a real will to value a French know-how within this collaboration and to remain faithful to our philosophy: create simple, beautiful and durable objects.

The collaboration between Minuit Céramique and Tiptoe seemed obvious to us because our two brands have common values: better consumption, transparent manufacturing, more local, beautiful pieces that last … We really enjoyed imagining a collection of objects exclusively for the Tiptoe store in Paris.”

Sarah and Jasmine, founders of Minuit Céramique

Find the TIPTOE x Minuit Céramique collection at the TIPTOE shop!

To discover the pieces of the collection, go to the TIPTOE shop located at 14 rue du temple, 75004 Paris


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