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Your home decor in industrial style

24 March 2022

Your home decor in industrial style

If you would like to give your home that New York loft atmosphere, but aren’t exactly sure how to go about it, this article is for you! A trend that has been in vogue, the industrial style is popular for being both authentic and contemporary. But, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to move into an old shuttered factory to stake your claim on it. Industrial decor is above all an art of living that you can bring to life in every room.


Take advantage of all our advice on how to decorate your home in the industrial style!

Industrial style, the TIPTOE trademark

The industrial style has its roots in the golden age of the working-class in the early 20th century. We go looking for the robust furniture, resistant materials and functional decorative objects found in the abandoned industrial factories. Against all odds, this style steeped in history has found its place in our interiors. The design darling of New York lofts and abandoned production plants converted into artist studios, industrial decor can now be found in any interior.

Wood and steel furniture

To bring the industrial style into your interior, a few simple rules must be followed, in particular, the pairing of wood and metal. TIPTOE’s mission is to make furniture that is as beautiful as it is durable. Since its creation, the company has made a name for itself with for its innovation of the modular steel table leg, which can be combined with any top you choose, but especially our eco-certified, recycled wood tops.

Our lookbooks for industrial decoration

TIPTOE is a pioneer in the pairing of wood and steel, and surprises with its designer and industrial furniture. Check out the dining tables, desks, benches, coffee tables, chairs and stools in our Esprit Loft or La campagne in Paris lookbooks. Give a vintage and trendy look to your interior with TIPTOE designer furniture.

All the codes for a successful industrial decor

Industrial cosy, industrial chic, industrial rustic: the industrial style has no equal in being integrated with extreme ease into all interiors. No matter what inspirations you intend to express with your industrial decor, there are certain rules to follow in order to properly adopt this style.

9 colours

1. Decompartmentalise spaces

To echo the feel of abandoned warehouse, opt for large spaces without doors or partitions to allow light to circulate freely. And for those who can’t stand open kitchens, think of the inevitable skylights! They create a separation between two rooms and provide extra light.

2. Mind your lighting

An emblematic element of an industrial decor, metal suspensions are a good show in the kitchen above the dining table, the bar or the cutting board. Our tip? For a successful loft atmosphere, multiply them by two or even by three: go for a cumulative effect to create that ‘lofty’ atmosphere. A hanging light fixture is the perfect way to decorate a small industrial-style kitchen.

9 colours

3. Give pride of place to pure and sturdy materials

Industrial style is based on sturdy materials that stand the test of time. With a brick wall, a concrete floor, exposed wooden beams overhead, wood flooring and furniture made of wood and steel, it is impossible to go wrong. And that’s just as well because most of the industrial-style furniture designed by TIPTOE is a combination of wood and metal.

9 colours

4. Collect and recycle old decorative objects

Industrial style is synonymous with going retro. To accessorise your industrial decoration, there is but one solution! Browse and forage for rare and vintage treasures at your local flea market in order to design an interior like none other! Upcycle retro furniture pieces to create some real industrial-style decorative objects.

5 colours

5. Give your industrial decor a twist of colour

Although black, grey and brown remain the key colours of the industrial trend, there is nothing stopping you from introducing a sunny yellow, an electric blue or any other snappy colour into your interior design. Indeed, a touch of colour will brighten up your industrial decor.

For an industrial style kitchen and dining room

9 colours

The steel table leg

The TIPTOE community brilliantly reinvents the codes of industrial style in the kitchen or dining room. To bring this New York trend into her home, Pauline has combined all the decorating essentials we mentioned above. A glass rooftop to isolate the kitchen and let in more light; some mismatched chairs and a vintage coffee pot: hers is an industrial decor punctuated by this wooden table top recycled into a dining table. Paired with the 75 cm table leg, it gives character to the room.


BIG LOU bar stools

For his industrial-style kitchen, Julien has also opted for a glass roof. Well, almost! His glass roof is not really like the others since it is made of mirrors – a clever trick to make the space appear larger and reflect light throughout the room. Around his steel and metal table, the BIG LOU bar stools offer comfortable and designer seating while keeping with the industrial factory spirit! Finally, an honourable mention goes to the cement tiles of his credenza which soften the atmosphere and more proof of how easy it is to make the industrial style your own.


The designer bar stool is an essential piece of furniture for decorating an industrial-style kitchen. Our wooden bar stools are the ideal furniture piece. Go with dark colours to guarantee a purist industrial decor.

The industrial style is also at home in the living room!

9 colours

A cosy living room par excellence, the living room should be a space where it feels good to relax: it needs to be warm and comfortable. In an industrial decor, you need to strike the right balance between factory furniture and more luxurious pieces. The leather sofa remains the centrepiece of any living room. We love the Chelsea club chair in distressed leather, a vintage and wondrously trendy piece!

She has also created a DIY industrial-style coffee table in wood and metal using our small steel table legs.


For an even greater cocooning effect, Melanie has dared to go with the coloured version in velvet. And this mix and match of materials and colours, what a bold move! The precious ochre character of the sofa is matched by the raw charm of the stained oak of the LOU stool. This is also a demonstration of how the line between Scandinavian and industrial style is thinner than it seems.

And to take the industrial look to the next level, you can combine metal shelves with metal racks. The metal shelf in Melanie’s industrial living room makes for a cool way to store her vinyl records while also displaying her decorative objects.


The coffee table is undoubtedly the other essential piece in an industrial living room. True to the combination of raw wood and metal, Hannah Ford has furnished her industrial-style living room with our VERSAILLES coffee table in reclaimed solid oak. With its herringbone wood top, it was bound to be a hit.

Her XXL bookcase adorned with decorative objects, accessible thanks to a wooden ladder, not to mention her superb black glass roof, are decorative elements that give her living room a truly genuine industrial style.


To bring industrial decor into your home, exploit the natural look of the sturdy materials already in your home. In her industrial-style living room, Jenifer has taken advantage of her vintage brick chimney and updated it with an assortment of green plants.

And to put the finishing touch on her industrial decor, she has installed a DUKE solid oak bench. The clean design of this bench can go with all styles of interior design, but its particularly well-suited for the industrial style.


Sprucing up the living room walls

The industrial décor of your living room must include something for your walls. And nothing could be simpler: TIPTOE designer wall shelves in wood and metal, retro decorative objects, a vintage poster and a mirror, and there you have it! A large metal clock can easily make for a striking industrial wall decoration.

6 colours

An industrial-style bedroom and office is possible!

If you were thinking that the industrial style is incompatible with the intimacy of a bedroom, the TIPTOE community is here to show you otherwise. To bring industrial decor into your bedroom, all you need do is design an office space just for you.

9 colours

Designing an industrial-style office corner

In the corner of her attic bedroom, Isabelle has created a minimalist office area that follows the codes of the industrial style. We love the combination of the vintage desk lamp and the SSDr chair in recycled plastic. An all-black ensemble that will no doubt generate its share of copycats!

To decorate your office space, consider adding a few vintage decorative objects and a hanging light. For wall decoration, vintage posters and wall shelves. Our pro tip? If you don’t have brick walls at home, consider putting up some brick-pattern wallpaper!

9 colours

Combining dark wood and black metal

Margaux’s office is a more formal setting, reminiscent of old-time curiosity cabinets. Retro transistors, black and white prints, cacti on stands: such a diverse set of objects that come together in a playful bazaar. The right idea? Replace two 75 cm TIPTOE desk legs with a metal apothecary cabinet with drawers for a desk that looks like no other!

The combination of dark wood and black is always a winning combo for an industrial style office.

Dark colours are strong allies of any industrial decor. Take, for instance, Catherine’s wall-mounted desk: the pairing of black metal and raw wood for her wall shelves impressed us. Meanwhile, Anja’s industrial style desk corner is sober, simple but terribly efficient for an industrial-style bedroom.

9 colours

What about your entryway?

For those who want to have their industrial decor as soon as they walk in the door, you should know that it is possible to create an industrial-style entryway. Once again, the TIPTOE community is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Welcome to Nadine’s! For this original entrance, she has gone with a mixture of influences. The black metal shelves contrast with the purity of the white walls and hold decorative objects and handmade trinkets from all corners of the globe. Who would have thought that ethnic chic would marry so easily with an industrial decor?

Charlotte’s entryway is no less successful. The solid oak DUKE bench is recognisable at the foot of the incredible metal spiral staircase. It is almost like being in a factory at the start of the last century. Near the door, the wooden stool with metal legs serves as a pretty plant holder.

In short, at TIPTOE, you can put industrial decor in every room in your home with industrial-style designer furniture in wood and metal. And it will always be fashionable! So, what else do you need to get started?



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