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Our deco ideas for a Christmas table

17 November 2021

Our deco ideas for a Christmas table

A crackling fireplace, twinkling lights and a tree standing proudly in the middle of the living room: Christmas is coming fast! And for the magic of the holidays to work, it’s best to prepare your home’s decorations in advance. To bring joy to both young and old, TIPTOE has selected for you the most inspiring ideas for decorating your Christmas table and having unforgettable moments with family and friends for the end of the year. Bring the Christmas spirit into your home!

Decorating ideas for a magical Christmas table

The year-end celebrations are a time for warm and friendly gatherings around large tables. To impress your guests right off the bat, create a matching table decoration down to the smallest details. Tableware, table runner and centrepiece, tablecloths, napkins, small decorations: nothing should be left to chance. Not even the TIPTOE table legs, which can change colour for the occasion! We, the editors, have a small preference for eucalyptus grey or rosmary green, two exclusive colours that really look like Christmas and remind us of the sweet scent of the tree…

6 colours

A natural Christmas table decoration

A veritable ode to nature, green is trending everywhere. DIY enthusiasts will find all sorts of treasures for decorating their Christmas table out in their gardens. Cross-cuts of wooden logs can be used as trivets or hot pads, freshly cut fern leaves can be used as placemats, and cinnamon sticks or dried citrus slices can be used as napkin rings. But our favourite is the table centrepiece made of fir and eucalyptus branches, which can be interlaced with candles and pine cones. Such a high-volume composition and winter colours will amaze your guests and immerse them in the Christmas atmosphere.

9 colours

A traditional Christmas table

Who said tradition wasn’t popular anymore? More trendy than ever, traditional Christmas decorations warm up your home with simplicity. Red and green shades are a permanent fixture on textiles and tableware. But you can also opt for an all-white look that is enhanced by candles, garlands, fir baubles and pine cones scattered along your table runner. The must-have? Highlight the authenticity of your wooden table by daring to go without a tablecloth.

A chic and elegant Christmas table

Why not play the elegance card for your festivities? Decorate your Christmas table in white tones to give it a chic and trendy look with a white tablecloth, and add a touch of colour with placemats and napkins in Christmas colours such as red, gold or green. Then decorate your centrepiece with pretty candles and beautiful tableware to create a warm atmosphere. You can add small decorative objects such as stars, string lights or baubles.

A Scandinavian decoration for the holidays

The Scandinavian style is popular with designers and interior decorators, and is now being used in your home and even on your Christmas table. We love its refinement and its neutral and sober colours, such as whites, ecrus or taupes that soften the atmosphere with a light touch. To give your Christmas table a festive feel, simply add a few touches of gold and silver to the accessories.

A colourful Christmas table for the holidays

What better time of year than the festive season to combine bright colours, exuberant decorative elements and noble materials? Deep, bold colours such as royal blue, dark green, purple or bright red are illuminated by the gilding of large candlesticks or the glitter of vases and candle holders. The table linen is dressed in velvet, satin or lace. The Christmas table is adorned with a profusion of small decorations. The good thing about Christmas is that no one can blame you for overdoing it!

9 colours

To fully immerse yourself in the magic of the season, place your table close to the Christmas tree so that you are as close as possible to the presents, or even better, at the foot of your TIPTOE table leg!

Christmas decor all through the house

In order to feel the magic of Christmas, your entire home must be decorated in the best possible way. At TIPTOE, we can say that we will help you get it right with a selection of furniture that is as durable as it is trendy. This clever furniture is just waiting to embrace the Christmas spirit to create an irresistible atmosphere in your home! Take a closer look at the most beautiful settings and Christmas decorating ideas from the TIPTOE community.

9 colours

Christmas deco ideas for the coffee table

As the brand’s best-seller, our 43cm table leg allows you to design the custom-made coffee table of your dreams. Thanks to its unique screw system, it adapts to the tabletop of your choice, providing an infinite number of possible combinations to decorate your home as you wish at Christmastime. Marianne’s old wooden shutter become table top is now home to a fir wreath adorned with pine cones for the festive season. Deliciously wintry!


We are very fond of Magdalena’s composition on her PEEBLE coffee table in eco-certified wood. Decorated cookies, starry candle holder and a cup of hot chocolate: it feels so good looking forward to Christmas.

Océane’s living room also has a Christmas atmosphere thanks to her SANTIAGO coffee table in eco-certified wood: a carefully decorated tree, a lit candle, a warm cup of tea and a small fluffy blanket. Julie’s little Jack Russel is also waiting for the arrival of Santa Claus!

9 colours

The LOU stool: a creative object for Christmas

A polyvalent designer object, the LOU stool is the perfect piece of furniture to decorate an interior in total simplicity. It is not uncommon to see its primary use converted to serve as an ad hoc piece of furniture. Its pure lines highlight the luxuriance of a plant or the curve of a sculpture. To give your home a magical touch for the holidays, it can be used to support a miniature Christmas tree or a mug bearing the image of Santa Claus. It can also be used as a seat around your table for your last-minute guests! Make all your Christmas decorating ideas come true with the LOU stool thanks to its wide choice of colours and finishes.

Light up your LOU stool with Christmas decorations: lights, little Christmas trees, stars, winter plants, candles… So many decorating ideas are waiting for you!

Chairs for your Christmas table

Decorating your home for the year-end festivities doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Make sure your guests are properly seated to enjoy this precious moment with family and friends. Our SSDR chairs made of recycled plastic offer comfortable seating for your guests around your Christmas table. A great way to keep your Christmas Eve party going into the night. In any case, it would seem that Lena’s cat is already ready for the festivities!


Wall shelves to round out your Christmas deco

At TIPTOE, we have a real passion for these small shelves that are as decorative as they are functional. Made of solid oak or out of old wood, they make the walls of your home come alive with colour thanks to their BRACKET wall mounts. With Christmas just around the corner, you can add decorative objects such as stars or string lights; small paper trees, pine cones or dried flowers. There are so many little details that are a snap to warm up your atmosphere. A special mention goes to Jonathan’s decoration idea, which brings together nativity figurines and an 8-branch candlestick for a very “Chrismukkah” effect.

90 X 20 X 2.5 CM
60 X 20 X 2.5 CM . 120 X 20 X 2.5 CM

A perfect gift for Christmas? The TIPTOE table leg!

How about an unforgettable Christmas gift this year? TIPTOE has the perfect idea: the 75cm table leg! A clever way to invite your loved ones to create the custom table, console or desk of their dreams. Whatever your family or friends’ interests, this unusual gift is sure to appeal to them. Creative people will love the concept of making their own gift. Expect to hear them exclaim “I did it myself!” after putting together their piece of furniture.

Gourmets, foodies and other epicureans will be eager to sit around their new dining table and enjoy delicious meals. Technology enthusiasts will transform their furniture into a desk or console where they can install their computer equipment. And lovers of responsible consumption and DIY will combine an old wooden plank, an old shutter or door no longer needed using our made-in-France powder-coated steel legs. Because responsible consumption goes hand-in-hand with what is sustainable as well as what is desirable…

With TIPTOE, put a sparkle in your family and friends’ eyes. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year in the spirit of reunion, kindness and generosity.

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