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Creating an office nook in the kid’s room

23 December 2021

Creating an office nook in the kid’s room

Do you think an office in a kid’s room is unnecessary? Think again! From a very young age, your child needs a small dedicated office space in which to go about their business. From primary school onwards, having one’s own office is essential for learning to concentrateTo encourage children to use their office, whatever their age, they should have a peaceful, functional and tasteful place in their room where they can focus. 


In this article, discover our tips, tricks and decorating ideas for setting up your child’s desk nook in  room.

An office for all ages!

An essential piece of furniture for an office space in a kid’s bedroom, the desk deserves all the attention it can get. Whether your child is a creative or studious student, their desk should match their ambitions and size!

Our KIDS collection: furniture designed for little ones

Between the ages of 3 and 6, one should choose furniture designed for young children. The desk must be fully accessible so that the child can use it as they please. Concerned about the well-being of toddlers, TIPTOE has created a range of desks for the little ones, and only for them. A colourful and lively collection, just like their cute little faces.


How to create an office space in your kid’s room?

To create the perfect office space for your kid’s room, place the desk in a sunny spot with natural light, near a window for example. Choose a desk and a seat adapted to their size and needs. For the decoration, we have some ideas: go for practical objects such as toys, sheets of paper or coloured pencils.

The recycled plastic desk for children

In recycled plastic, the Tutti Frutti desk is an invitation to play. We love its multicoloured speckles made from old toys, which are reminiscent of small paint splotches. Perhaps they will speak to the artist who sleeps in each of your children and awaken their creativity.


The children’s desk in solid oak

More sensible but just as design-oriented, the solid oak children’s desk adopts the same codes that has made TIPTOE such a success. A small 50cm table leg is a natural fit for the size of little ones, a wooden top with sleek lines and the most trendy colours. With this little wooden desk, create a corner for concentration in your child’s room.


The slate and laminate desk for children

Our favourite is the Vice Versa modular desk. A clever piece of furniture with a top that is white laminate on one side and black slate on the other. No doubt this reversible furniture will win everyone over! Your child will be able to let their imagination run wild and express their creativity by making beautiful chalk drawings on the black slate top. And one final advantage? The top can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge.


Children’s desks for older children

From the age of 6 onwards, the desk evolves with the child. When they grow up, the desk space in their room must be adapted to their size, but especially to their needs. Why not offer your little one or your teenager the desk of their dreams? The TIPTOE 75cm table and desk leg allows you to design a custom-made piece of furniture thanks to its ingenious fixation system. You just have to choose your top and in a few minutes, your desk is assembled! Anything is possible, just avoid brittle materials which, in any case, have no place in a child’s room.

9 colours . Height 75 cm

Making a desk custom-made for children

With dimensions that can go up to 180cm long, you can consider a mini desk, like in Line’s room, or an oversized desk, if you have more space in the room to set up an office nook.

For the decoration, we suggest some ideas: add a lamp, pencil pots, a basket, stationery, desk organisers or storage spaces. Create a work space for your child to concentrate and do their homework.


Complete desks for the children’s room

If you are in need of inspiration, TIPTOE has designed for you ready-to-use desks. With its 120x60cm oak top, the NOMA desk offers a comfortable working space, and always with style! Special mention goes to the MONOCHROME desk that combines the wooden top of the NOMA desk and the WAVE storage module. Three steel drawers add functionality to the office space in your child’s room.

3 finishes . L120 x l25 x H5.5
120 X 60 CM

A seat adapted to the morphology of children

Can’t have a desk with a place to sit! For younger children, it is not easy to find the right compromise between suitable size, pleasant design and optimal comfort. Here again, it is important to distinguish between children over and under 6 years of age. The use that they make of their desk according to their age requires a particular type of seating. Let’s take a closer look at the different options available to them.

A mini stool for children

If your child is under 6 years of age, chances are they use the desk space in their room for fun, colouring or entertainment. At that age, timeframes when they are able to actually sit with modelling clay or play with stickers are relatively short. In addition to comfort and design, priority should be given to adjustability of the seat.  

Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, TIPTOE’s MINI LOU children’s stools have been specifically designed for the tiny hands of toddlers. Lightweight and easy to carry, they encourage autonomy among even the smallest of little tikes. What a pleasure it is to see them adjust their little seat as they see fit! More than your average seating, this child’s stool made of eco-certified wood or recycled plastic is a perch that prompts them to observe the world around them.


Chairs for a kid’s office

For older children, the office should be viewed above all as a work space where they can concentrate and do their homework, even if it can also be used as a leisure space on occasion. In this context, the office chair must be functional and comfortable. At TIPTOE, we have come up with the  SSD chairs : an acronym designating 3 essential qualities that one looks for in a child’s room: simple, solid and durable! Wooden version or recycled plastic version, there is something create the right desk corner for everyone. Its design allows it to fit in all interiors, whatever the style of your child’s room decoration.


The SSDR recycled plastic chair

When it comes to decorating, we can’t help but love the deliciously vintage world of Catherine’s kid’s room, where the SSDR chair by TIPTOE is right at home with the lines of an old elementary school desk. All that’s left to do is get the books out…

The SSD Soft recycled fabric chair

If we had to recommend a particular chair, our preference would be for the SSD Soft chair. With its generous foam seat wrapped in a recycled fabric and removable cover, it offers unparalleled softness. Ana followed our advice to furnish her daughter’s office nook and even added a rainbow cushion to her chair. This very girly decorative touch in her room makes it so she doesn’t have to sulk about her lack of comfort.

Our LOU stool also goes nicely with this nursery decoration by serving as a plant holder for a bouquet of dried pampas.


The LOU stool: a practical and multifunctional seat

If you don’t like the chair, why not choose our LOU stool? Practical and multifunctional, this little piece of furniture can be easily stored under your child’s desk, but can also be used as a bedside table or as a decorative object in their room. 

Available in a miniature size, discover also our MINI LOU stool specially designed for children from 3 to 6 years old. A colourful, kiddy format, perfect for a small desk corner.


Storage as stylish as it is functional

Create an organised workspace

Setting up an office in a child’s room is form of art. Just like older children, kids should also have everything they need to work in peace and quiet, and well within reach. One can opt for clever storage above and below the desk to free up space to work on the desktop.

On the floor, one could go for some storage baskets, as in Sladjana’s son’s room. Practical, they can hold all the school stuff you might need when doing your homework.

6 colours

Using wall space

On the walls, we are still just as enchanted by the shelves installed using the BRACKET wall mounts. These made-to-order storage spaces take the shape and size of your choice to fit any office space. Even in a child’s room. Caroline’s wall shelf displays beautiful decorative objects in her little girl’s room. Some extra storage space that we can’t recommend enough.

120 X 20 X 2.5 CM

Wall shelves to create an office nook

In the heart of Ulli’s children’s safari world, the shelves are transformed into an actual additional play area with this procession of wild animals straight from the savannah. Positioned just above the desk, the reclaimed wooden wall shelf keeps your child’s favourite toys close at hand. A playful office corner, ideal for developing your little ones’ creativity.

So far, so good? What role might wall shelves play in your kid’s room?


Kids also have the right to their own decor!

Just because your children are still little tikes doesn’t mean they don’t already have certain needs when it comes to decorating. Working is essential, doing it in a world that reflects one’s personality is even better! Setting up an office nook that best suits your child means creating a pleasant working atmosphere, conducive to concentration and creativity at the same time. Here are a few ideas for creating a workspace that reflects your child’s style.

For children, decorating takes on the features of the little person who lives there. For gentle and calm children, we suggest a refined, cosy and Scandinavian decor, like Emmy’s. Pure and soft colours, ideal for creating a calm work space that is conducive to concentration.

For little princesses, you can create a fairy-tale atmosphere of powder and gold, where stuffed animals, bags, decorative objects and frills of all kinds are mingle together. To that effect, Sahita has imagined the ideal office nook to develop her daughter’s creativity.

9 colours . Height 75 cm

For their part, adventurers deserve a desk that can whisk them away to far away places. What if Stephi’s desk lamp could actually take you back in time?

With its furniture for small kids and older children, TIPTOE gives you all the keys to creating an office nook in your kiddo’s room. Will they still come up with a good excuse for not wanting to do their homework?



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