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The 30 best TIPTOE creations of the year 2020

14 January 2021

The 30 best TIPTOE creations of the year 2020

The best of TIPTOE creations in 2020!

Discover the 30 best TIPTOE creations in 2020 made by the community, customers and bloggers. From unique coffee tables to custom-made dining tables, including office spaces with desks or even chairs, the TIPTOE community is not lacking in imagination! Through this article, you will dive into inspiring interiors with TIPTOE objects in action. Be a part of our selection by sending us your photos to [email protected].

#1 Krystel's NOMA desk

Krystel chose the NOMA oakwood desk for his home office area. Thanks to the oakwood SSD chair, the office space is harmonious and comfortable for teleworking in a relaxing atmosphere.

The NOMA desk
90 X 20 X 2.5 CM

#2 Alice's reclaimed wood shelves

Alice chose the shelves in old recycled wood to provide storage with the charm of this unique material. In our approach to sustainability, the wood for these shelves comes from old barns destined to be destroyed.. By choosing several sizes, Alice made a small bookcase.

The reclaimed wood shelf
5 colours

#3 Antoine’s kitchen bar

For a bright and functional kitchen, Antoine has chosen to create his own bar thanks to the 110cm foot pack and wall hanger. The result: a nice, friendly wall bar!

The bar table leg 110cm

#4 Patricia's oakwood coffee table SANTIAGO

The SANTIAGO oakwood coffee table found its place in the large living room. Its generous dimensions 120x60cm perfectly match the space and the corner sofa. The wood makes the room warm and the black steel of the legs brings a touch of contrast.

SANTIAGO coffee table

#5 Lara's SSDr chair

For working at home, Lara chose the SSDr chair for her office for a comfortable, beautiful and durable seat. The seat and back of the SSDr chair are made of recycled plastic, made in Europe with only 5 parts for quick assembly. This simplicity also gives it the advantage of being 100% recyclable.

The SSDr chair in recycled plastic
9 colours

#6 Clélia's bespoke dining table

Thanks to the 75cm legs, Clélia has created her custom-made dining table with a large white tabletop that is perfect for her kitchen. The Eucalyptus Gray color adds softness to this sober and colorful interior.

The 75cm table leg

#7 Laura's DUKE bench

The DUKE bench blends wonderfully into this bohemian-style bedroom. Its PEFC-certified solid oak top allows you to sit on it as well as receive decoration, in any room of the house.

The DUKE bench

#8 Aurélie’s BRIXTON dining table

Large kitchen = large dining table! Aurélie chose the BRIXTON dining table which can accommodate up to 8 guests with its PEFC certified oak top. The oak SSD chairs blend with the table and promise comfortable dining.

The BRIXTON dining table

#9 Ellen's LOU stool

The LOU stool is TIPTOE’s multi-function object! To be used at the end of the sofa, as a plant holder, as a bedside table or quite simply as a seat, it is perfect in any room of the house. Available in 3 wood finishes and 9 colors, you are sure to find the one that suits you!

The LOU stool
9 colours

#10 Kate's homemade desk

Kate chose the 75cm legs in Eucalyptus Gray to create her custom-made desk. With any type of green plant, she created a perfect place to work but also to decorate her home.

The desk leg 75cm
90 X 20 X 2.5 CM

#11 Chloé's kitchen shelves

Here is a colorful and graphic kitchen thanks to these kitchen shelves! Chloé has thought of everything to spice up her kitchen: a yellow paintwork and a trio of solid oak wall shelves that replace classic furniture.

The kitchen bookshelves

#12 Lola's LIMA console

For a refined entrance, Lola chose the LIMA console in Cloudy White. It is perfect for storing your keys, emptying your pockets or just decorating your interior. Its top is in solid European oak certified PEFC.

LIMA side table

#13 Brit’s bar stools MI LOU

An inspiring kitchen with noble materials, wood and white, in the interior of Brit. To take meals on its central island, Brit has chosen the MI LOU kitchen stools which combine wonderfully with the standard height of the worktops.

The MI LOU mid-high stool

#14 Paula's MONOCHROME desk

The MONOCHROME desk is the perfect desk for working from home. Whether in a room dedicated to work or in an office corner of the house, it fits everywhere and allows you to have storage. The WAVE storage module is made up of 3 drawers.


#15 Lucie's SSDr chair

Lucie uses the SSDr chair as an office chair. The inclination of the backrest contributes to the comfort of this durable chair and 100% made in Europe.

The SSDr chair in recycled plastic
9 colours

#16 Dorylas's unique coffee table

You’ve found a unique tray, an old door and you want to turn it into a coffee table? Opt for the 43cm table leg and create a bespoke coffee table!

The coffee table leg 43cm

#17 Aline's LOU stool

Aline’s LOU stool decorates this colorful children’s room. White brings softness and hides among these nuances.

The LOU stool
6 colours

#18 Mathilde’s wall shelves

Thanks to the wall BRACKET, Mathilde created two small wall shelves to highlight decoration or family photos! What if tomorrow we want new shelves? Just keep the wall BRACKETs and change the boards.

The wall BRACKET
5 colours

#19 Henry's high bar

The pack composed of a 110cm bar leg and a wall BRACKET allows you to create a bar to delimit the kitchen from the living room but also, like Henry, to create a high table. Installed in 5 minutes, you have a space saving dining area!

The bar table leg 110cm and wall BRACKET

#20 Mallory's kitchen stools MI LOU

MI LOU stools have traveled to the United States at Mallory! The height is ideal for having breakfast in the kitchen.

The kitchen stool MI LOU

#21 The LOBO reclaimed wood dining table by Viktoria

This festive atmosphere created by Viktoria goes very well with the LOBO table in recycled old wood. This dining table is ideal for small spaces and brings warmth to a decoration thanks to its recycled oak top.

The LOBO dining table in reclaimed wood
9 colours

#22 The kitchen dining table by Jean-Baptiste

To extend a kitchen dining table, nothing like the 75cm table legs. Jean-Baptiste chose the Yellow Tournesol to give light.

The dining table leg 75cm

#23 Craig's SSDr chair in recycled plastic

The SSDr Chair in Rosemary Green is the perfect combo for people looking for durable chairs! Its seat and backrest are in recycled plastic and Vert Romarin supports the green side.

The SSDr chair in recycled plastic
60 X 20 X 2.5 CM

#24 Julie's bedroom bookshelves

One of your favorite creations in 2020! Julie created a children’s bookcase in her son’s bedroom, perfect for storing comforters and decorations, thanks to the trio of solid oak wall shelves.

The solid oak bookshelf
5 colours

#25 Paul's kitchen counter

Paul used the 90cm table leg to extend an existing worktop. Extra space for cooking!

The counter table leg 90cm

#26 Margo's MONOCHROME desk

For an organized and creative desk, Margo opted for the MONOCHROME desk in Cloud White. We really like this plant environment!

9 colours

#27 An original coffee table by Annette

We really like the tabletop chosen by Annette to create her unique and original coffee table thanks to the 43cm table legs. You can also create your coffee table with a recovered top!

The coffee table leg 43cm

#28 Gaëlle's DUKE bench in solid oak

Same table leg but different use! The DUKE bench has found its place in Gaëlle’s entrance. With its solid oak top and 43cm legs, you have a perfect entryway bench.

The DUKE bench
9 colours

#29 Rocio's NOMA desk

Need a desk to work from home? The NOMA desk is perfect in small spaces and Rocio proves it! You will love its oak top and steel legs that provide an airy desk.

The NOMA desk
9 colours

#30 The kitchen dining table by Mélina

In 2020 you liked Mélina’s kitchen table. Its DIY top associated with TIPTOE legs bring modernity and authenticity.

The 75cm dining table leg

#31 Jules's LIMA side table

It’s hard to choose 30 creations! We offer you one as a bonus. An atmosphere different from what we are used to seeing at TIPTOE and we love it! Once again the LIMA console blends in perfectly with these colors thanks to Eucalyptus Gray. Jules chose to use the LIMA console as a small office for a bedroom.

The LIMA side table

The best 2021 TIPTOE creations? It’s your turn !

Do you also want to participate in TIPTOE creations? Send us pictures of your TIPTOE furniture in action to [email protected] and we will give you a voucher!


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