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TIPTOE x Jean André : Engraved Hearts


The TIPTOE x Jean André collaboration in limited edition

After Lorraine Sorlet, it’s Jean André’s turn to reinterpret our iconic LOU stool alongside TIPTOE designers. A real collaboration based on the common desire to create a unique, beautiful and eco-designed object.

From tattooed hearts to engraved hearts

Jean André, designer and co-founder of the Bon Jour Tattoo club in the 18th arrondissement is known for his light and minimalist tattoos. His trademark? Hearts intertwined with words, infinitely customizable. For TIPTOE, he chose different moods: “Love”, “Karma” and “P’tit cul” which translates to “Lil’ Butt”. Sweet words, sometimes light, full of character for all our interiors.

TIPTOE and Jean André, a subtle mix of expertise

“What was the coolest part of the collaboration with TIPTOE to me was applying tattoos to furniture. The relationship between the needle tattoo and the engraving was interesting and deepened the timeless effect I like in tattooing. Plus, there is a real consistency with the tattoo, engraved on skin and the laser process used for the collaboration. I also like the idea of the stool being part of people’s “inner” landscape. We’ll be able to use it, see it every day and pass it on over time.”

The choice of words

“We wanted to do a lot of things together but we limited the collection to three stools, trying to create a coherence of tone, mood and humor in the words. We chose to have three objects that can live together or separately: “Love” is a great classic of the salon, we tattoo it a lot, “Karma” is more spiritual and “Ptit’cul” is funny! We have never tattooed him at the salon yet. For the feet, we turned to white to contrast the black of the engraving and the color of the oak. The result is sober and bright.”

Pieces engraved by hand through a laser process in the Jura and signed by Jean André

“In terms of manufacturing, we chose high quality materials. I think it’s cool that the object is engraved in a living and noble material like oak, and especially that it comes from sustainably managed forests. It’s responsible, it’s ethical. The fact that it’s produced in Europe and engraved by hand in the Jura brings another dimension to the finished product.”

“I usually choose the brands I work with, and look at the way they work, produce or manufacture. It’s important for me to be in line with the values of the brand I’m collaborating with. This collaboration is a beautiful project for me.”

TIPTOE x Jean André


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