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TIPTOE x Lorraine Sorlet


To celebrate the first days of summer, Lorraine Sorlet has chosen to revisit the iconic LOU stool from TIPTOE. The young artist was keen on expressing herself through a piece centred on water – a soft and reassuring universe that she has loved to explore since her work first began. With her illustration of a peaceful swimmer floating on a dreamy, solid blue, Lorraine delivers an image imbued with softness and well-being, worthy of anyone’s home.

Who is Lorraine Sorlet?

Lorraine Sorlet is a French illustrator based in Paris and a graduate of the École des Gobelins. Through her minimalist drawings and paintings, she explores different representations of intimacy. Lorraine draws stories that speak to everyone. Centred on such themes as love, human relationships and affection, her creations are like touch points between tenderness and romanticism.

The Lorraine Sorlet x TIPTOE collaboration is born

The designers at TIPTOE have been fans of the artist’s work and universe for many years and wish to collaborate with Lorraine. And they gave her carte blanche to create a singular piece. The sketching, design, colour research and silk-screen printing needed to create this brand-new monochrome LOU took over a year to complete. 

Tell us about yourself, Lorraine, why did you agree to this collaboration with TIPTOE?

“First of all, I’ve known and loved the TIPTOE brand for a long time, so I was so happy that they contacted me!  The sleek nature of the brand fits very well into my quite minimalist universe. I also really enjoy working with and promoting the work of authentic French brands, so it made sense to work with the TIPTOE studio!”

Go behind the scenes of the “La Piscine” collaboration

What was the starting point for “la piscine” theme?

“Water is a universe that I enjoy and that I have always liked to paint. It was therefore quite natural that I turned to this universe when I started this collaboration. I also thought that the simplicity and lightness of a woman floating in a pool went very well with the LOU stool, which is itself very pure. I liked the idea of having an original stool, an everyday object capable of immersing us in a completely different universe.”

Why did you choose the LOU stool to express yourself?

“The LOU stool was the ideal object for me. The round surface of its seat gave me a large surface to express myself and it fits perfectly into any interior and any room in the house. I find it quite fascinating to imagine one of my drawings on a 3D object that takes on a life of its own in a given space. I always draw on a flat surface so this has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and be even more creative.”

A limited, handmade silk-screen edition

A handmade print

The decision to make the seats using silk-screen printing was obvious. It is a process that results in a very high-quality finish, without any specific maintenance and is, above all, very resistant in the long run. The colours were created in Hugues Palatnik’s silk-screen print workshop from a mixture of pigments which were then applied one by one to the surface to reveal, at last, the complete illustration.

The TIPTOE x Lorraine Sorlet collaboration will be available in a limited edition, on July 6 on our website and in shop!

Lorraine Sorlet will be present on the afternoon of July 9th in the new TIPTOE flagship located at 14 rue du temple in Paris to present the collection.


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