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New : discover ourBRIDGE modularsofa

BRIDGE : Make the most of your workspace

May 2024

The new BRIDGE sofa embodies elegance and functionality with its clear and defined lines. Composed of 3 modules of different sizes and interchangeable, BRIDGE integrates perfectly into a professional environment by meeting various space typologies.

BRIDGE, a sofa modular to infinity

The name “BRIDGE” evokes the idea of connection inherent to its assembly system. Its modular design allows for the creation of customized configurations, meeting all needs in terms of comfort and style. Each module is intimately linked to the others, offering numerous layout possibilities. Thanks to its composition and balanced proportions, BRIDGE is a versatile and comfortable sofa. It adapts well to both large and small spaces.

The corner sofa

The BRIDGE sofa can be used as a corner sofa, thus optimizing its seating capacity. Thanks to this configuration, it is ideal for large living rooms, creating a friendly and welcoming space.

The fireside chair

Each module can be used individually, as a fireside chair. Whether in a corner of a living room, an office, a bedroom, or even a dining room, the BRIDGE armchair integrates perfectly.

A line of sofas with a palette of fresh and diverse colors

BRIDGE is available in several colors; Glacier Gray, Snow White, Ivory Beige, Slate Gray, Lime Green Lemon Yellow, Ink Blue. These colors offer the possibility of creating different unique universes specific to their function.

Design at the heart of product conception

The seams highlight the design work of our designers and embody our philosophy of objects. They enhance every detail of the drawing, adding a touch of subtlety to the whole.

A model of absolute resistance and durability

The BRIDGE sofa was designed by our studio in Paris and manufactured in Europe (France, Germany). The BRIDGE sofa is removable and made of thick, water-repellent wool fabric, ensuring flawless quality.

As for the sofa’s structure, it is manufactured in the North of France. The wood is FSC certified, attesting to our commitment to using high-quality materials.

Now available!

Credits : Secret Swim Club



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