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TIPTOE x Plum: a custom-made desk!

27 May 2022

TIPTOE x Plum: a custom-made desk!

To remain productive when teleworking, there is nothing like a small desk designed by Plum and TIPTOE. 

Our legs combined with Plum’s elements made it possible to create a unique desk – you won’t find it anywhere else – in just a few hours. Isn’t it satisfying to create your own beautiful and functional desk? Get the right materials, follow these few steps and let your creativity run wild… TADAM!

A desk assembled in a few minutes!


We didn’t lie to you!

The TIPTOE x Plum desk can be assembled very quickly. The wall BRACKET and the steel table legs height 75cm make it very strong.


Plum’s tip: play with their paint by drawing shapes above the desk to give it another dimension.

9 colours . Height 75 cm


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