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TIPTOE & Perrine from the media Les Confettis

31 March 2022

TIPTOE & Perrine from the media Les Confettis

“I like the fact that decoration is constantly evolving and that we can have fun changing it. It must evolve with our desires and needs. It’s a world that evolves with us!”

Perrine Bonafos is the editor-in-chief of the Confetti media, a media that talks about women more inspiring than each other.

In January, she opened the doors of her apartment in the heart of the 5th arrondissement of Paris: 70m² of white parquet, a beautiful luminosity and a few touches of colors; all of which projected us, for a morning, on holidays (yes, almost!).

Enjoy your reading!

Perrine, tell us about your career path, especially with your media, Les Confettis ?

I created the Confettis media as a source of inspiration. First online, then in the form of a biannual magazine. Focusing on women’s approaches, this publication highlights women with varied backgrounds who reveal themselves through their achievements. They can be artists, entrepreneurs, sportswomen, authors… They all tell how they found their personal alignment to reveal themselves. I think it’s important to show that we can each take different paths to happiness. And I would even add that it is also possible to change paths, fortunately, nothing is set in stone.


Today, we are in your flat in the heart of Paris. How important is decoration to you?

I like to surround myself with beautiful things to feel good, and that includes decoration. For me, our environment contributes to our well-being. It speaks about us and for us. I also like the fact that decoration is constantly changing and that we can have fun changing it. It must evolve with our desires and needs. It’s a world that evolves with us!

To answer this daily desire to change your interior, what feeds your inspiration?

The beautiful images shared on Pinterest, Instagram or magazines. The conversations, the colours and the books of course.

What is your favourite room in your flat?

Usually I would say the children’s room because it’s the most colourful and it’s very bright. It was a real playground for me. Only now that the kids are getting older, we’re getting out of the cute side because they have less decorative toys. And we’re constantly changing it because they share it and don’t have the same desires.

Would you say that your decorating style is like you? What's your decorating must-have?

Good question! I think my interior is soothing and warm with a holiday feel. For me, an interior without plants is not inhabited. I don’t feel good when my home doesn’t have any. I also need it to be uncluttered.

What is the most important TIPTOE piece to have at home? What do our objects inspire you?

For me, it’s the table leg! Simplicity meets design in the service of functionality. I love it! Your objects inspire me with modernity, joy, efficiency, sustainability and minimalism.

How did you find us? What do you like about our objects?

I discovered the brand when it was launched and was blown away by the ingenuity of the table base. I love the idea that the combinations are infinite and that everyone can integrate it into their interior according to their needs. For me, each new creation is always so right. I also love the wall shelves, so simple, so beautiful.


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