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TIPTOE & Clementine of Bliss Stories

23 May 2022

TIPTOE & Clementine of Bliss Stories

“I like objects that tell me a story […] we compose our own decor together and our decor is quite evolutive.”

You probably know her voice… Let us reveal her interior to you! Clémentine Galey is the founder of the podcast Bliss Stories, a medium that frees women’s voices. All the topics around motherhood are discussed, a project that is close to her heart and that has truly transformed her life!

This month, she welcomes us in her flat, the place where her little family lives; a comforting and friendly place where you feel at home! Meet Clementine, Thelma and Pablo…

Enjoy your reading!

For starters, give us your name, your first name and tell us about your family.

Haha, I recognize this intro… So, I’m Clementine Galey, in a relationship for many years with Julien, the father of my two children: Pablo, 10 and Thelma, 8.

Tell us your story and that of the Bliss podcast you created in 2018?

Bliss was born out of a desire to give meaning and purpose to my professional life. I had been a casting director for 7 years at TF1, I had always worked for television and cinema. I wanted to launch a personal project in parallel with my job. One of my sisters was pregnant, I reconnected with the world of pregnancy, and, to her many questions, I gave no-filter answers. When I realised that she wasn’t getting this information anywhere else, I thought I had to do something. I was listening to a lot of podcasts, there was nothing about motherhood: so that would be my project.  At the start, this podcast had no business purpose.

I never imagined that it would change my life so much.

What inspires you on a daily basis?

My curiosity and admiration for human beings in general, and women in particular. I am constantly amazed by things that may seem mundane, and for me, being able to create life is still something of the supernatural.

What is your favourite room in your flat? Why is that?

The living room is without a doubt the lungs of our flat. It’s where everything happens; my interviews for Bliss, our family dinners, our evenings with friends… I’m a fan of this big, bright room that’s filled with life and amazing human beings.

Do you have a decorating must-have? If so, what is it?

I like objects that tell me a story. My boyfriend is a cinema decorator, he often brings home some unusual pieces. He has a real design culture and a keen eye, we come up with our own decor together and our decor is quite evolutive.

What materials, colours and associations inspire you?

I like low, round, organic furniture. I’m moving more and more towards soft materials, enveloping shapes and warm colours. I’m a lighting freak, we have lots of light sources: garlands, hanging lights, neon lights… everything is on a dimmer switch, and we change the mood according to the time of day.

What do you think is the most important TIPTOE piece to have at home? Why or why not?

I love the LOU stools! They are nomadic, discreet and fun seats that fit into any room and with great effect. The white recycled plastic finish is a big hit.

Finally, would you like to share with us a book, a film, a play, an artist… that you appreciate in particular?

I am a big fan of Delphine Cauly, aka @été1981. Her drawings touch me and bring me sunshine and sensuality… That always does me good!


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