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TIPTOE & Cécile

08 September 2022

TIPTOE & Cécile

“The interior is a refuge for me, so decorating is essential for me to feel good. I choose the objects around me with care, they always evoke something personal.”

You probably know Cécile if you are part of our network of professional customers. She is in charge of sales administration at TIPTOE and brings a solar energy to the office! In her home too, thanks to a few vintage objects, TIPTOE pieces and a flowery wallpaper. Welcome to Cécile’s home!

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Cécile, I live between Paris and Granville in Normandy. I have always been passionate about decoration and architecture!

What is your role at TIPTOE?

I’m in charge of the sales administration for the professional customers.

What is TIPTOE for you?

A furniture brand that promotes values such as sustainability and European manufacturing to which I am very sensitive.

Do you have an anecdote or a nice memory to share with us since your arrival?

I am lucky enough to share my office with the team that designs our products.  I love it when the prototypes arrive at the office and we get asked to play testers!

“Is the sofa soft enough?”, “Do we prefer Naples Yellow or Sunflower Yellow?”  🙂

What is your relationship with decoration and what does your interior say about you?

The interior is a refuge for me, so decorating is essential for me to feel good. I choose the objects that surround me with care, they always evoke something personal. Color is also important, I could not live in a white and minimal interior!

What is the TIPTOE piece to absolutely have at home, according to you?

The SSD chair, because it mixes well with other furniture styles! There is also the New Modern table. I really like the clean lines of the base, especially when it contrasts with the top. My favorite combo is the recycled plastic top and the Rosemary Green legs, I would love to have one in my home soon!

An inspiring IG page to share with us


She is an architect and designer. I appreciate the elegance of the pieces she creates and find the color combinations she proposes are inspiring.


A good Parisian address to recommend?

The restaurant Les Résistants (@les_resistants) on rue du Château d’eau where I love to eat. They promote peasant agriculture and we eat in the plates of Clementine Halberstadt (@clementine.halberstadt) whose workshop is located in Granville!


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