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Discover the limited editionTIPTOE x MONOCLE stool


TIPTOE by Sara Odman

22 November 2022

TIPTOE by Sara Odman

TIPTOE through the eyes of an artist, what does it look like?

Constantly in search of inspiration, we gave carte blanche to artists to appropriate our pieces in their universe. What a way to mix two creative fields and discover TIPTOE under another glance.  Today, we share with you the work of Sara Odman, painter. Inspired by the nature around which she grew up, Sara gives life to colorful and dynamic abstract paintings.

Hello Sara, can you introduce yourself ?

Originally from Sweden, I have been living in France for 20 years. I am an Artistic Director and Painter, passionate about the feeling of freedom that creativity brings.

What is your background?

In my early twenties, I moved from southern Sweden to Paris where I studied and worked for 10 years. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Art Direction from ESAG Penninghen, my design crossed different disciplines such as window design, brand identity and packaging design within the luxury and ready-to-wear industries. While working in Beijing, I had my first encounter with textile and print design, a real discovery, and a passion that inspires me daily.

How would you describe your creative universe?

Lively, moving, colorful.

Where do you get your daily inspiration?

Creating has always been a part of me; I like to illustrate what I see, what I imagine.  The blank page calls me. I come from an artistic family where art has always been a means of expression. Imagination and the need to “do”, to experiment, are the resources that help me feel alive.
Surrounded by the prairies and the ocean throughout my childhood, nature is entirely part of me, it is my roots, it is my source of inspiration: an endless treasure of combined forms and colors. I like to play with it. My paintings are the abstract reflection of these encounters.

How important is your interior to you? What does it say about you?

I attach great importance to this. It must, I believe, translate in a sense who we are. I put in it the colors of my childhood, a Scandinavian spirit of course, natural shapes and materials, and a French touch of course (!)… Decoration, as well as design, must know how to find their impulsiveness. This thing in us that expresses itself without having to restrain it … We just moved with my family in a new house … I am in the middle of it!

DUKE by Sara Odman

Why did you accept this project with TIPTOE?

I already knew TIPTOE.  I love it. Working with you and interpreting one of your pieces of furniture in my own way appealed to me right away!
Associating your pure design to my universe inspired me a lot.

What is your vision of TIPTOE ?

A timeless design of quality, neat and elegant at the same time.

A recent creative discovery to share with us?

The sculptures of @glassilass – Åsa Johansson!


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