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TIPTOE by Les Desseins de Marine

16 May 2023

TIPTOE by Les Desseins de Marine

What does TIPTOE look like through the eyes of an artist?

Constantly in search of inspiration, we have given carte blanche to artists to appropriate our pieces in their universe. This is a way to mix two creative fields and discover TIPTOE from another point of view. Meet Marine, a French illustrator.

Hello, can you introduce yourself ?

I am Marine Kersusan, aka Les Desseins de Marine, passionate about drawing since childhood. In 2017 I exhibited 2 collections of illustrations in Madrid (where I lived for 5 years) and I started to make custom portraits for my friends. I went back to school to train in digital illustration by doing a crash course in a design school in Madrid. During the lockdown I drew on a daily basis and created a collection about my 5 month trip to Sri Lanka that I exhibited during the 2020 Heritage Days in Brittany and also in Paris in 2021. It is only in December 2021 that I decide to dedicate myself 100% to art and to make it my profession-passion! Today I still realize custom orders for individuals (portraits, orders for weddings, decorative posters etc.) and I started to ” mural “: I realize murals to decorate walls inside or outside. When I do murals, I don’t think about anything else, and it’s a feeling of accomplishment that fills me.

How do you define your creative universe?

My creative world is sunny, acidulous and often vegetal/exotic. I like to transmit rays of sunshine, softness, moments of escape and serenity.

Where do you find inspiration daily?

My main sources of inspiration are my travels, nature and women. When I draw, it’s as if I’m making my own paradise.

What place do you give to your interior? What does it say about you?

My interior is an important space because I create in my home. I like it to be zen and warm. In my home there are a lot of colors too, like in my creations. And a lot of illustrations from artists I love and objects I brought back from my travels.

Why did you choose the DUKE bench from TIPTOE?

I find that a bench is friendly, you always share a good moment with someone. And it also calls for doing nothing. I love to draw on a bench and let my imagination run free.

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

TIPTOE is the alliance of design and sustainability. A brand whose mission is to create timeless furniture and objects from recycled materials that can be passed on from generation to generation.

What inspired you to integrate the LOU VENEZIA stool and the SURF coffee table into your world?

I love textures and patterns, and especially when there is irregularity, which makes each piece unique. So I loved the seat of the LOU VENEZIA stool.

And the Surf table, it’s for its shape: it made me travel in my memories, back to Sri Lanka! – where I volunteered for 5 months in a Surf association for local women (SeaSisters).

Any recent creative discovery to share with us?

My current obsession is with murals as you may have guessed! And I recently discovered the muralist artist Pepa Ivanöff (@pepallama), an Australian who currently lives in Costa Rica and has completed over 300 murals in 8 countries.

A cool address to share with all the visitors of Bordeaux?

I like to go to the Hasard Ludique for drinks and to see nice exhibitions.

I now live in Bordeaux: spend an afternoon in Darwin looking for new graffiti.


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