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TIPTOE by Mariana Toledo

05 June 2023

TIPTOE by Mariana Toledo

Can you introduce yourself?

Hello! I’m Mariana, originally from Mexico but currently residing in Prague, Czech Republic. From a young age, I have been captivated by the art of drawing and creating. This passion for design motivated me to pursue a BA in Architecture. Throughout my studies, I found great joy in approaching the design process unconventionally, often expressing my ideas through unique methods like collages and illustration, rather than relying solely on traditional renders. This exploration led me to realize my passion for artistic drawing, prompting me to delve into the world of painting.

How do you describe your creative world?

My creative world is continuously evolving as I constantly venture into new themes and color palettes. However, if I were to summarize it in three words, I would choose naturalistic, vibrant and representational. 

Where do you get your daily inspiration?

My art is very much influenced by nature, architecture, design interiorsas well as unique pieces that catch my attention. My inspiration also comes from beautiful books about interiors, architecture, and art & design in general. For me, Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration.

What place do you give to your interior? What does it say about you?

As someone who cherishes the comforts of home, it holds immense significance for me to cultivate an environment that brings feelings of safety, inspiration, and happiness. I take pleasure in curating my living space with carefully selected pieces that reflect my love and appreciation for design, finding joy in the process of collecting them. Additionally, I embrace the therapeutic nature of incorporating plants into my home, finding solace and tranquility through their presence. 

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

An eco-friendly brand which promotes re-purposing and transforming our perception of everyday objects. High quality design pieces that will last forever, are sustainable for the planet, but do not compromise on beauty or personalization. 

What did you like about integrating our products into your creative world?

The design fits well into my apartment’s minimalistic, and functional aesthetic. I love the finishing of the natural materials, and how elegantly it fits into my space.

A recent creative discovery to share with us?

Fomei Aquarella Art Matt Paper for printing! I recently invested in my first high quality printer, so I could be able to produce my prints from home. The Fomai acquarella paper has super high quality, the painting texture looks so good on it and it is a sustainable paper! I Highly recommend printing your illustrations

A cool address to share with all Prague visitors?

If you are ever in Prague during the spring/summer season, Letna Park is a must. Inside the park you will find Stalin. It is an outdoor cultural center under the pendulum that allows you to use the former monument as a pleasant place to meet, relax and have fun. It is a cultural center which presents local young culture.

Under the pendulum they mainly present live projects of the Prague music scene, interesting documentaries and feature films from Czech and foreign productions or even the latest trends in electronic music.


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