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TIPTOE by Livia Falcaru

06 February 2023

TIPTOE by Livia Falcaru

What does TIPTOE look like through the eyes of an artist? 

Constantly in search of inspiration, we gave carte blanche to artists to appropriate our pieces in their universe. What to mix two creative fields and discover TIPTOE under another glance.  Meet Livia Falcaru, an illustrator and artist who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania.

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi everyone! My name is Livia, I’m an illustrator and visual artist currently living and working in Bucharest, Romania. I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for the past 9 years and I’m always proud to say that this has been my only job since high school.

How would you describe your creative world?

My creative world is always changing and expanding according to myself and what I’m going through. My work is influenced a lot by my personal experiences and emotions. I’m interested in observing the subtle things in our daily lives. I love contrasting raw emotions and realities with bold and cheerful colours.

Where do you get your daily inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my daily life and experiences. I find joy in simple things: cats, a cup of coffee, a sunny day or more complex things: the human psyche and the subtle emotions attached to it.

How important is your home to you? What does it say about you?

My home is very different than my studio for example. However they are both very important in my overall creative process. Usually my home is the place where I seek calm and to get recharged. It’s more minimalist in terms of objects/ furniture and colours compared to my studio where everything is very saturated and in a more maximalist direction. They both provide me with a circularity that brings me an equilibrium mentally and creatively.

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

I love and support beautiful furniture that manages to be sustainable as well. My favourite part about TIPTOE is that you can personalise your items according to your taste. I think all their pieces work very well together in terms of shape and color.

What did you like about integrating our products into your creative world?

The space where I work is probably the most important. It needs to be beautiful and practical at the same time. I think TIPTOE manages beautifully to encapsulate both my needs and make my creative process smoother and more enjoyable.

A recent creative discovery to share with us?

It’s more of an idea than a certain thing or person. I learned that flow/ momentum of creativity should always be alternated with stillness. It might sound obvious but when  you put yourself to do this you will observe how hard it actually is. It’s very easy to forget to stand still in such a fast-paced world. To do nothing and stand still in such a heavily action-driven enviroment is one of the hardest things. And maybe one of the most valuable as well.

A cool address to share with all the Bucarest visitors?

The greenhouse in the Botanical Garden in Bucharest. Fun fact: it’s where they filmed the scenes from Netflix’s Wednesday series.


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