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TIPTOE by Iga Kosicka

29 August 2023

TIPTOE by Iga Kosicka

What does TIPTOE look like through the eyes of an artist?

Constantly in search of inspiration, we gave artists carte blanche to appropriate our pieces in their own universe. It’s a way of mixing two creative fields and discovering TIPTOE from a different angle. Meet Iga Kosicka, illustrator and art historian.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Iga Kosicka, and I am an illustrator and art historian based in Copenhagen. My clients are both private individuals and lifestyle/design companies, but a significant part of my work is also designing and distributing art prints that are now available all over the world. 

How do you describe your creative world?

I would describe it as nostalgic and colourful; static, yet vibrant with textures. There’s something about the city and the solitude that gets my attention. It’s a selection of what I see and experience filtered with colours that are corresponding with my mood. 

Where do you get your daily inspiration?

I find inspiration in everyday objects and life situations. I often take a photo of a scene that I would like to capture as an illustration. Sometimes I come back to my old photos that I took a few years before and try to look for something that could inspire me now, something I could use for my current project. 

How important is your home to you? What does it say about you?

We live in a compact apartment that over the years had to adjust to the changing needs of our small yet growing family. That is why there’s always a home project coming up, could be a smaller or bigger one, but there’s always something we can improve in our daily life. Because of the limited space, we try to keep it simple yet warm and colourful. 

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

I love the sustainable approach of the brand – the table legs that can be reused in another product, upcycled wood, and recycled plastic. All that makes TIPTOE unique and proves that beautiful and well designed furniture can get along with thoughtfulness and respect to the environment. 

Why did you choose the KIDS collection?

I was looking for a table set for my son for a couple of months, so that we could play tea party in a proper way, yet I didn’t find anything I would really like. I felt all the products on the market looked way too dull for us. Then I saw a table and a stool from TIPTOE’s children collection made from recycled plastic. It looked just perfect with all the colours and blue steel elements. When my son grows up, I am planning to turn it into a coffee table in our living room. 

Do you have a recent creative discovery to share with us?

I have just seen an exhibition of a Swedish painter Isaac Grunewald in The Art Center Gammel Holtegaard just outside Copenhagen and I totally fell in love with his style; seeking to simplify the form of an object, while using bright, pastel colour combinations. I haven’t heard about this painter before and I am so grateful I got the chance to experience his work.

A cool address to share with all Copenhagen visitors?

I would definitely recommend chilling in the Royal Library Garden. It’s a hidden gem of Copenhagen, yet very close to the canal and the parliament, so it’s actually placed very centrally. To me this place is so unique that I have decided to mention it in my illustrated guide to Copenhagen. In the spring and summer season it is full of changing types of flowers and on the top of that, there are colourful accents added by the chairs placed randomly in the garden. It’s a truly peaceful oasis, where you can just sit and read a chapter of your favourite book or one you just borrowed from the library. Maybe TIPTOE should consider adding a pair of their beautiful chairs to our garden collection. Just an idea…


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