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TIPTOE by Frauke Schyroki

12 September 2023

TIPTOE by Frauke Schyroki

Can you introduce yourself ?

Hi, my name is Frauke and I’m an illustrator based in Berlin. Architecture and interior design is what inspires me the most. My creative world is filled with bold colors and quirky shapes. It is a positive world influenced by artists, designers and other great people.

Where do you get your daily inspiration ?

I try to get as many inspiration as possible besides from social media, it’s a big source for me, however going to an exhibition or visiting architecture is always more fun.

How important is your home to you? What does it say about you ?

My home is very important to me. I also work from home so I’ve tried to create a space for me where I can rest but at same time where I feel inspired and motivated.  My apartment is definitely my save space.

Why did you choose the SSD full wood chair ?

I love the round seat and the timeless design which fits well with other interior pieces.

What did you like about integrating our products into your creative world?

I prefer to use round-shaped forms in my illustration, therefore it was really easy and fun for me to integrate the SSD full wood chair. I also think the chair is versatile to use so I could tell different stories such as the chair as a dinning chair at a dinner party or as a office chair standing in front of a desk or my favorite illustration simply a chair which stands there and looks beautiful and you can grab it whenever you need it.

A recent creative discovery to share with us ?

I’ve just got a copy of “Melted Snow” it’s a book about the work of the artist Ida Ekblad which is one of my favorite artists.


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