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TIPTOE by Faune Studio

16 February 2023

TIPTOE by Faune Studio

What does TIPTOE look like through the eyes of an artist?

Constantly in search of inspiration, we have given artists carte blanche to appropriate our pieces in their universe. This is a way to mix two creative fields and discover TIPTOE from a different perspective. Meet Zoé, aka Faune Studio, an illustrator and textile designer from Paris.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Zoé and I’m an illustrator and textile designer from Paris. I learned to draw as a child with my father and then later at the Olivier de serre school of applied art where I graduated in textile design. I then specialized in fashion design at the Chardon Savard studio.  I worked for several years for fashion houses before devoting myself entirely to illustration. I created my own creative studio in 2020, which I call Faune studio. It’s a kind of creative laboratory where I experiment with different graphic techniques like gouache, linocut and animation. I collaborate with brands, for the press and any project that interests me!

How do you define your creative universe?

My creative world is colourful and spontaneous, I like to draw simple shapes instinctively. I think that my experience in fashion has taught me to work more on colour and shape harmonies than on academic drawing. I always tend to imagine an illustration as a pattern.

Where do you find your daily inspiration?

I am inspired by what is around me, it could be just the silhouette of a person in the street or my dog sleeping next to me! I have a lot of art books that I look at regularly. I think it’s also important to clear your head in the forest or in nature to find inspiration.

How important is your interior to you? What does it say about you?


My interior is very important to me! Especially since I work from home. I invest more in furniture, plants and objects than in clothes for example. I love going to flea markets and finding nuggets, all my objects have sentimental value! In my house there is wood, primary colours and vintage items, like E.T. figurines, a collection of mini dinosaurs… things from my childhood! I think people’s interiors reflect their personality, you can learn a lot about people just by seeing their homes.

Why did you choose the DUKE bench from TIPTOE?

I love the bench because it can have many different functions and it is very easy to place in the house because of its elongated shape. At home I use it to put my plants along the wall and it looks really cool with its different coloured legs!

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

For me TIPTOE is a bit of a genius idea! With these very contemporary modular legs and a sustainable approach, we’re into ethical (and aesthetic) design and simplicity. I think everyone can relate to it.

What inspired you to integrate our objects into your world?


I really liked the clean shapes and the recycled plastic materials that create confetti. There’s a childlike quality that fits perfectly with my world. I immediately wanted the piece to be at the center of the drawing and integrated into the decor like the main character in a painting.

Do you have a recent creative discovery to share with us?

I recently collaborated with, a media that deals with the relationship between humans and animals through photo reports, a selection of works and interviews. If you like animals and art, I recommend you to go there!

A cool address to share with all visitors to Paris?


I love good food so I can share with you my latest find. It’s a Korean restaurant called Midam located on rue de Montreuil in the 11th district. It’s quite intimate, the owners are lovely and the food is very good!


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