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TIPTOE by Agnes Bic

07 May 2024

TIPTOE by Agnes Bic

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Agnes, I go by the name of Agnesbic for my illustration work. I am Italian / British, I grew up in Tuscany and now I live by the sea in Sussex.

How do you define your creative universe?

Playful, a little rebellious, colourful and optimistic. Inspiration comes from almost every aspect of my life; conversations, a visit to the flea market, a line of text from a book, noticing some street typography as I walk, looking closely at nature..

What importance do you give to your interior?

My home is the place where I can be creative and that allows my ideas to develop, so it’s really important to set the right mood. It’s also a space that changes as I change, it’s like a treasure box with souvenirs from travels and an ever-growing chair collection..

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

I was thinking of how the TIPTOE pieces can effortlessly become part of our lives thanks to their great versatility. With a nod to the Paris Olympics coming up, I chose to portray the good feeling you get after playing sport as part of everyday life.I had fun choosing some TipToe furniture to place in my imaginary scenes of après-sport.

What drove you to integrate our objects into your universe?

I really love collaborations where I’m given creative freedom like this one. The designs of the TIPTOE collection lend themselves naturally to the simple and elegant forms that I’m always drawn to in my work.

Any recent creative discoveries to share with us?

I recently bought a wonderful photobook titled Ordinary Things Will Be Signs For Us  by Corita Kent. It’s a collection of 35mm slides, mostly shot in the 1960s. The warm colours and her eye for striking compositions are very inspiring.

Your favorite place?

I love the sea. One of my favorite places from recent travels is called Elk, a deserted beach in Northern California, full of pelicans and interesting driftwood.



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