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Living room decor ideas with TIPTOE

23 June 2021

Living room decor ideas with TIPTOE

The living room is one of the rooms we spend the most time in. So it needs to be cosy to facilitate good times with family and friends. Finding the right balance between the latest trends and personal tastes is not always easy, so we wanted to give you a little dose of inspiration to start the summer off right!

3 trendy colours in 2021

Living room decoration cannot be done without a thoughtful choice of colours.

Warm colors for a trendy living room

Whether we are talking about sofas, walls, wall hangings or knick-knacks, warm colours are still the favourites in 2021. These shades evoke the material, and arouse the desire to touch. While terracotta warms up a small living room, the nude prevails for its contribution in terms of luminosity. Moreover, it goes very well with darker colours and allows for every kind of extravagances. All you need to create a unique living room that’s all your own!

Blue for a warm living room

Another irresistible star for a trendy living room: the colour blue. And especially the intense and deep midnight blue. Put touches of it on your decorative objects, your cushions or your furniture. This colour is perfect for giving a warm and cosy air to your decor. You will have but one desire at the end of the day: to curl up on your couch in your flannels and be enveloped by the cosy atmosphere of your living room!

Green to brighten up a living room

Green also tops the list  for the interior decoration of a living room. Whether on wallpaper, curtains or shelving, for people who want a modern living room or are going for a cozy look, green reminds us of nature, authenticity and is perfectly suited for the decoration of a family room. It allows you to gently restyle and brighten up a living room where most decorative objects bear warm colours.

How to apply your colour to your wall?

We already started to see this happening in late 2020: a trend of have a bolder decor for the modern living room. Instead of painting a single wall, you could go for a square of colour. Ideal for setting apart the living room when you have an open kitchen is open, the coloured square offers a comforting nesting feel: the sofa area regains its “comfort” function, while your pots and other kitchen utensils remain on their side.

Solid colours can help you design your living room nest: choose a strong colour for your radiator and pipes, or for example a pastel for your fireplace, or vice versa. If you’d like your living room more minimalist, add just a light touch of colour with the TIPTOE table legs!

Choosing the right coffee table

The coffee table remains a timeless living room piece. In addition to being decorative, this element gives your room a warmer look and easily finds its place between a set of armchairs.

If you are still hesitating between a modern living room decoration, a Scandinavian or industrial decor,… bear in mind that ultimately your decision will help you with your choice of coffee table. For lovers of decoration trends from the North, wood and neutral colours remain the best options. Upcyclers and industrial style enthusiasts will be more inclined to choose a table made of raw materials, namely wood, metal or steel. Finally, if you are comfortable in a minimalist environment, choose a glass coffee table for your interior design. 

TIPTOE can also satisfy your DIY desires thanks to its 43-cm metal table leg. Invent and set up your table yourself! Available in 12 colours and accommodating wooden table tops of various sizes, the designer legs allows you to create an original and personalised coffee table.

Coffee table legs

To perfect the decoration of your living room or dining room, choose one of the table tops made by TIPTOE. You will have the choice of shape, dimensions and materials. From recycled white plastic to recycled old wood, you can realise all your decoration ideas, along with the satisfaction of having done the work yourself!

All table tops

Take for instance, TIPTOE’s Brooklyn table, which gives your living room a Scandinavian feel! Its size is perfect for small spaces and facilitates the movement of people.

9 colours

The Pacifico table stands out with its blue top, and brings colour into your room, all while sprucing up its furniture. Fans of industrial decor will find their joy with a recycled wood coffee table.

See all coffee tables

Decorate your walls with shelves

150 X 20 X 2.5 CM

The leitmotif of the 2021 living room decoration trend is also the attempt to arrange one’s space as well as possible so that it appears uncluttered. While the accumulation effect is what decorates a living room, it must still be well-crafted!

60 X 20 X 2.5 CM . 150 X 20 X 2.5 CM
150 X 20 X 2.5 CM . 90 X 20 X 2.5 CM

You will easily obtain this result with TIPTOE’s sleek new shelves. These wall shelves not only allow you to enlarge the storage areas of small spaces, they are in themselves a unique wall decoration. Of course, like with the coffee tables, you can choose your own table tops, made of wood or recycled plastic.

150 X 20 X 2.5 CM

Offered in the form of a trio, they are perfect for jazzing up a living room wall. You will be able to place small mirrors, plants, books or scented candles on them. All the small objects that contribute to your daily well-being will finally be well within reach!

Creating an atmosphere that makes you in a hurry to get home

Don’t forget that the furniture you choose for decorating your living room will contribute to its overall ambiance. What TITPOE’s return customers like is the ability of its furniture to create or adapt to many different atmospheres.

A living room inspired by plants

Many of the TIPTOE table legs are available in green. In combination with, for example, a couch area in the same colour, but not necessarily in the same shade, and a trendy living room wallpaper with a jungle print, for example, you will have a lively room where nature plays a major role. Available in rosemary green, the BRACKET wall mount is like a chameleon that blends into your decor. The must-have of all must-haves? Throw some small cacti on your wooden shelf!

All decorations can accommodate plants. For a consummate well-being, choose those that positively impact your mood.

A living room that exudes a certain joie de vivre

With orange, pink or red table legs, you can give your interior some pizazz! These vibrant colours will pop along with colourful photo frames or a beanbag with a multicoloured print. White or blue recycled plastic shelves will easily find their place in this environment. You’ll also find red wall mounts to chime with your table legs. 

These are the ideal colours for rooms that receive a lot of natural light: you will feel like it’s summer all year round!

Are you familiar with Zellige tiles? This trend adds a colourful side to your living room decor while remaining subtle. Happiness guaranteed!

A sober and elegant living room

TIPTOE has saved for the end (to reward the readers who make it through the enitre  article!) one last idea for cosy living room decor: black and white, or grey and white. You’ll find table legs in all three shades. For the choice of the table top, create a contrast with the wood of the top and the steel of the legs to modernise your decor. Highlight your design living room with black, steel or white wall mounts. These combinations guarantee you a beautiful harmony of colours.

9 colours

Natural materials complete the picture. Rattan, wood, terracotta or handmade pottery burst here and there with notes of “authentic” colours. Add a curly wool armchair and your interior will have never been so soft.

Finally, one last bonus: a living room decoration idea involving the LOU stool. Whatever the style of your living room, it can be transformed according to your needs into a sofa end table, a pretty side table with clean lines or a plant holder. Imagine the explosive duo created by the pairing of a plant with long green stems and some orange, black or green table legs! And the LOU becomes a stool again whenever you may need one!


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