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38 desks ideas to create with TIPTOE

23 October 2018

38 desks ideas to create with TIPTOE

Discover 38 desks ideas created with our TIPTOE table legs and find the inspiration to create a unique and personal workspace.

#1 The Designer’s desk

The girly atmosphere of the Home Office Small Office lookbook with the full TIPTOE desk (a 120x60cm oak tabletop, 4 TIPTOE legs 75cm and a storage module WAVE).

120 X 60 cm

#2 Alexandrine’s desk

Between the pink and white tones of the blogger Artlex’s desk, our 75cm legs and the WAVE storage module find their place.

120 X 60 cm

#3 Agathe’s desk

Agathe’s cat seems to like her TIPTOE desk with the storage module WAVE on the tabletop!

#4 Eve’s desk

From the Oh My Home lookbook, this desk is composed of a 120x60cm oak table top, 4 Cloudy White legs and the storage module WAVE.

120 X 60 cm

#5 Antonia’s desk

The German blogger Craftifair likes to separate her work spaces. One side for drawing and the other for the computer ! This big desk is made with 4 TIPTOE legs 75cm Graphite Black.

9 colours

#6 Ninon’s desk

The French blogger Dis Oui Ninon in great company with her dog and her TIPTOE desk with 4 legs Cloudy White.

9 colours

#7 The student’s desk

Studious vibes from the Home Office Small Office with this Duochrome TIPTOE desk.

#9 Esther’s desk

A desk can also be installed in the living room, here with 2 wall BRACKET and 2 TIPTOE legs 75cm in Cloudy White.

Height 75cm

#10 Anne-Laure’s desk

The French blogger L’Atelierdal made a perfect desk with the TIPTOE legs for a colorful home office.

9 colours

#11 The Architect’s desk

Sobriety is the key for this creative office from the Home Office Small Office lookbook. This TIPTOE black monochrome desk consists of a 120x60cm oak tabletop, four 75cm Graphite Black legs and a storage module with WAVE.


#12 Marie-Christine’s desk

Our LIMA console with a solid oak tabletop 120x30cm and 4 TIPTOE legs 75cm can be use like a little desk like in this Parisien apartment.

#13 Karl’s desk

The 4 legs 75cm in Cobalt Yellow remind the chair, the storage module and the oak tabletop complete this TIPTOE desk.

120 X 60 cm

#14 Marion’s desk

The Cloudy White legs are perfect with this green-blue wall, a luminous work space!

9 colours

#15 Boris’ desk

The bespoke desk found the perfect place at Boris’ home.

9 colours

#16 Nadia’s desk

Colorful atmosphere in Nadia’s home office! The combination of a colored wall and 75cm White Cloud legs is always a good idea!

9 colours

#17 Kristen’s desk

Work with a garden view? A real luxury in Paris!

9 colours

#18 Barnabé’s desk

An office that perfectly matches the shapes of your apartment? That’s Barnabé’s idea thanks to the 75cm legs and a custom-made tabletop!

9 colours

#19 Carolyn’s desk

A trendy upcycling workspace for Carolyn. A tabletop recovered from an old piece, 4 legs 75cm and here is a unique desk!

9 colours

#20 Gabriel’s desk

No loss of space at Gabriel’s: a TIPTOE leg and a small tabletop in a corner are enough to create a super practical desk!

9 colours

#21 Clément’s desk

The Cobalt Yellow legs light up Clement’s office. Storage ideally complements this workspace.

9 colours

#22 Tatiana’s desk

All Pink atmosphere at blogger @tinypaw. The desk is made up of a TIPTOE oak tabletop, 4 legs and the WAVE storage module.

120 X 60 cm

#23 Florence’s desk

A desk with the 75cm White Cloud legs in a pretty young girl’s room at the blogger @jauraispumappelermarcel in Normandy

9 colours
Height 75 cm

#24 Félix's desk

Félix Haudrechy, architect, has set up a small office area in a living room with a 75cm table leg! A clever idea for small places!

Height 75 cm

#25 Virginie's desk

A nice tabletop, 2 TIPTOE legs and 2 wall BRACKETs and here is a small custom-made desk for Virginie’s bedroom.

9 colours . L120 x l25 x H5

#26 Cyril’s desk

In a mountain apartment, Cyril imagined a functional office while TIPTOE! Storage, shelves, everything you need to work there.

Height 75 cm

#27 Véronique's desk

A colorful DIY for Véronique! And an office full of history, she recovered an old school desk.

#28 Emilie's desk

Emilie imagined an office area perfect for its specific space.

9 colours

#29 Henry’s desk

A library office for Henry! A very inspiring workspace.

9 colours

#30 Samantha's desk

An All Black desk for an elegant atmosphere, even the dog approves!

Height 75 cm

#31 Marjorie's desk

You need color to brighten up a room? This is Marjorie’s choice for her large office.

9 colours

#32 Elvire’s desk

A cute atmosphere in Elvire’s office, decorative elements that give the character of the room!

#32 Tugba's desk

A soft atmosphere in this office, perfect for working at home!

9 colours . 90 X 20 X 2.5 CM

#33 Marie and Georges' desk

An office space with TIPTOE! A practical bookshelf, a comfortable SSD chair, a marble console as a desk.

#34 Paula’s desk

#35 Matthieu's desk

Matthieu, the co-founder of TIPTOE, reveals his office space. Perfect for a day of home-office.

#36 Margo's desk

A studious atmosphere at Margo’s. Did you know that plants increase productivity?

9 colours

#37 Aurélien's desk

A bespoke, graphic and original desk for Aurélien!

#38 Katie's desk

An attic office for Katie! The MONOCHROME desk is the most complete desk, with its modular storage which can be fixed using the TIPTOE legs.


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