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Give your entryway a makeover!

27 August 2021

Give your entryway a makeover!

If there is one room that should not be neglected when it comes to decorating, it is the entryway of your apartment or house. Much more than a simple passageway, this entrance is a border-crossing between the outside world and the intimacy of your home. A sort of decompression chamber before going inside your Home Sweet Home. The entryway is also the first space your guests will see when they come to visit. And in decor, as elsewhere, a good first impression is essential.

At TIPTOE, we wanted to give you all the keys and tips to create a warm and welcoming entryway. So wipe your shoes on the doormat before entering the front door, and let yourself be inspired by the community’s decorating ideas!

The side table, an indispensable element for an entrance

Narrow or spacious, closed or open, square or long: whatever the case may be, your entryway sets the tone. For a properly decorated entryway, opt for the perfect side table for holding your keys, mail and other decorative objects. Its sleek shape is ideal for creating an entrance that opens onto the living room.


Designing the space to create an entrance

If, like Lola, you have no entryway to speak of, simply find a strategic placement for our solid oak LIMA side table, against a wall for example. Its sleek look and shallow dimensions call attention to this space and can give the sense of an entryway where there was none. She created her entrance hall which opens onto her living room, in all simplicity.


Another option for creating a dedicated space is a daring use of colour. Jules and Lucie have chosen deep, dark colours for their entryway wall. A bold choice that gives character to their interior as soon as you walk in, a tone that is reinforced by the originality of TIPTOE’s powder-coated steel legs that come in a variety of colours. A special mention for the sunflower yellow that spices up this old wooden tray and adds brightness to a narrow entrance.

6 colours
9 colours

A seat to comfortably put on (and take off) your shoes

To make your entryway a cozy space, choose sitting that is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Our DUKE benches in solid oak or reclaimed old wood definitely fit that bill! With their 43-cm high legs and their 150-kg load bearing, they can seat your whole tribe with no trouble at all. Handy for quickly putting on your shoes!  


We love this staging by Léna, featuring this small cushion with thin stripes, inviting you to remove your shoes. An ode to comfort, high in elegance, which, it seems, does not offend the sensibilities of a certain cat belonging to Audrey. Her mistress chose to turn the DUKE bench into a showcase for her cacti. Beware, whoever rubs up against it risks feeling a poke!

But an entryway does not need to be spacious to be inviting. And Lætitia, here, will be the one to tell you as much. We love the cocoon of comfort and well-being that she has created in her entrance. Our LOU stool can be paired with an oversized, ultra-soft cushion in warms colours that cozy-up the space of this small entrance


Green inspiration

Why not decorate your entryway with beautiful plants to create a relaxing and natural atmosphere? Match your table legs to the colour of your plants or opt for timeless white to add a touch of softness to your entrance. Complete your arrangement by adding decorative objects such as vases, perfumed candles, paintings or carpets.


9 colours

How to gain space in a entrance hall?

Clever and practical storage

Beyond the aesthetic aspect, organising an entryway gives it a practical and functional relevance. To keep everything in its place, some opt for clever storage on the floor and walls. Ingeniously, Myriam has slipped pretty woven baskets under her solid oak DUKE bench to hide everything she did not wish to display. She adds pretty cushions and a beautiful candle to her decoration to create a warm atmosphere in her home.

6 colours

Wall shelves to optimize space

For everything else, people look to their walls and let their imagination run free, without forgetting the practicality gains! Charlotte has cleverly placed wooden wall shelves in a recess in her hallway with our wall BRACKET. For clever storage to gain space in your entryway and to keep your things in order!




Colourful and ingenious coat racks

Ben has chosen to go for a wall of hooks. Dressed in bright colours, our JO coat hooks are no longer just for hanging up your coat as you enter, but add a real touch of brightness to your entrance. Véronique has opted for the winning combo: the combination of our wall BRACKET and JO coat hooks for maximum space saving in her entrance hallway!

6 colours
6 colours

JO coat hooks are both coat racks and decorative accessories, offering a thousand and one possibilities. Hang your jackets and coats, umbrellas or wicker baskets on them. These original wall hooks with their colourful look can be adapted to any style of decoration in an entrance hall.


A decorative touch to round everything out!

Your entryway would be nothing without a personal, decorative touch. Running out of inspiration? Don’t panic, we can find plenty of decorating ideas in the photos from the TIPTOE community. Our editorial staff fell in love this entryway by Emma. A wall light for a cocooning effect, a basket and a cushion with soft ethnic accents for the cosy side and a XXL round mirror to take a final look at her outfit before stepping out. The result is a perfectly pitched entryway.

Another entrance, another atmosphere: Virginie has set up her rustic office corner here. The soft pastel colours of her posters are matched by the ancient wood. A soft combo for a zen space where you feels good. In addition to this office, there are beautiful wall decorations to dress up the walls of her entrance.

As for the vegetation, lushness is the order of the day. And it is the LOU stool that lends itself to the task of holding plants at Jeanne’s place. It can be used as a mobile seat, a coffee table or as storage space. It has not said its last word! Tons of decoration ideas are available to you to furnish your hallway with our stool and its many available colours

9 colours

In short, at TIPTOE, we advise you to avoid limiting yourself when furnishing your entryway. Comfortable seats, organised storage, refined decoration: we aim for practical aesthetics! All ideas are possible and feasible with TIPTOE furniture.

With all these decorating ideas, you now have everything you need to create a truly warm and welcoming entrance. Your entrance hallway will never have made people want to cross the threshold of your door to enter your home!



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