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DIY: make your own coffee table

05 November 2021

DIY: make your own coffee table

A must-have furniture item for any interior, the coffee table is the centrepiece of your living room. But choosing one is not so easy. Between its dimensions, style, the materials it is made of or its cost, it is sometimes difficult to find the right one. Why not make your own coffee table, yourself? That’s impossible you may say! But not so with TIPTOE!  Beyond its functionality, you are free to imagine an original and unique piece of furniture, perfect for your interior.  At TIPTOE, we give you the means to create the table of your dreams.


Ready, get set, go!

9 colours . Height 43 cm

Our coffee table legs, an innovation as practical as it is decorative

After the success of the widely celebrated 75cm modular table and desk leg, TIPTOE has converted that initial test into its 43cm coffee table legs, a brilliant little design feat. All the industrial know-how and creativity of TIPTOE in a shorter version! The brand’s flagship concept, the modular leg, is part of our DNA. In just a few minutes and with no extra tools, you can use it to a make practical, solid and designer piece of furniture that reflects who you are. This is also thanks to our patented clamping system that adapts to all kinds of table tops.

Diameter 80 cm

Our recommendations for choosing a tabletop

There are still a few guidelines one should follow when creating their DIY coffee table. Whatever material you choose, the thickness of the tabletop can range from 20 to 40 mm and its dimensions up to 150×75 cm for a rectangular top, while a round top can be up to 100 cm in diameter. Champions in terms of load-bearing, our coffee table legs can support up to 70 kg with no strain. Design this sturdy and sleek is indeed a rarity. And, as always, we refrain from using glass or any other brittle material.

How to make a DIY coffee table ?

Once the choice of the tray is made, all you have to do is move on to making your coffee table. And for that, nothing could be easier! You will need 3 or 4 43cm TIPTOE coffee table legs depending on the size and weight of your tabletop. For round coffee tables, we recommend the use of 3 legsFor rectangular or square coffee tables, 4 legs will be necessary.

Quick and easy assembly

As you can see, with the short TIPTOE legs, each piece of furniture is different. Once you have made your choice, it’s time to assemble!

Contrary to popular belief, this is perhaps the easiest step. Leaning against a wall, tighten each leg by hand around your tabletop. And you’re all set. Making your own DIY coffee table is a snap

A coffee table leg for all shapes and sizes

By playing with the dimensions or shape of your top, you can create original coffee tables as you see fit. At 43 cm high, the small TIPTOE leg works as tool for reinventing your furniture. You can go for an understatement in terms of form and originality in terms of function. All decorating ideas are possible with the TIPTOE coffee table legs!


Rectangular coffee tables

To make her DIY coffee table, Annette used a rectangular wooden top with its original bark. A design detail that makes all the difference! Laura meanwhile has opted for a rectangular wooden top that is both long and slender. You can go for outsize dimensions, for an all-in-one piece of furniture, where you can see yourself having lunch, doing homework or having an aperitif. This superb wooden coffee table fits harmoniously into its interior.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

An XXL coffee table

Have you ever dreamt of having a hexagonal coffee table? Yvonne has created one! This could also be described as the art of giving a second life to a dining room table top. The dark colour of her wooden coffee table contrasts with the eucalyptus grey of the TIPTOE coffee table legs. A flawless victory in terms of interior deco!

9 colours . Height 43 cm

Round coffee tables

As a new trend in interior design, arches and curves are cropping up on small furniture everywhere. Lauriane has chosen the classic wooden coffee table with white TIPTOE legs to add a touch of softness to her living room. A special mention goes to Kamila’s DIY plastic coffee table with our black legs to round-out her modern decor.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

For her living room table, Marion thought to soften the rough aspect of concrete by playing the roundness card. The result is a very fashionable visual effect.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

An oval coffee table

In contrast, Fanny has gone for elegance in her living room, with her oval coffee table and its white plastic top that pairs with the eucalyptus grey legs in a very natural aesthetic. An irresistible move for all those keen on going green.

9 colours . Height 43 cm

Original shapes

Jasmine meanwhile has preferred to emphasise the warmth and authenticity of her oddly-shaped wood top by enhancing it with a Berber carpet boasting a deep shade of burgundy. This makes for an original DIY coffee table with unique finishes. And it just goes to show that it’s not so hard to change your decor as often as you might like.

A coffee table leg for every style

The 43cm TIPTOE coffee table legs can adapt to all your desires to make the DIY coffee table of your dreams. Imagine your custom-made furniture, based on the space you have and the style you love. Do It Yourself enthusiasts will have come to the right place. Our short table legs allow you to bring a personal touch to your interior design. With one guarantee: the success of a 100% deco DIY coffee table!



Anne has paired her leather armchairs with a dark wood coffee table, the clean lines of which are subtly illuminated by the sunlight reflecting off the ocean.

Louis meanwhile has opted for a beautiful modern rectangular wooden coffee table with brown tones for his contemporary interior.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm


For an interior that longs to travel, one can surf on the ethnic trend. Amidst the burlap beanbags and the rugs printed with bohemian accents, Camille’s beautiful DIY coffee table enjoys pride of place with its old wood top.

Under her pergola, Beckie pairs her bench with a raw wood coffee table. The string lights and hanging flower pots create a cocooning atmosphere in her bohemian space.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

By the sea

We head now to the seaside to witness Virginie’s ingenious idea of recovering a shutter that she has repainted white. These soft and refine tones make you want to escape into nature. Her recycled coffee table is definitely one of our favourite DIY creations.

9 colours . Height 43 cm

Geometric design

In the graphic spirit, Thibault’s creation won over the entire editorial team. Using a stainless steel construction grid, he arranged our legs in a staggered pattern to accentuate the geometric aspect of his composition for a truly one-of-a-kind coffee table!

9 colours . Height 43 cm


Now to the countryside, for the creations of Julie and Lila. These TIPTOE customers have made their DIY coffee table by repurposing the door of an old farm and the shutter of an old barn. The contrast of wood and metal creates a rustic and pastoral atmosphere that we actually find very pleasing.

9 colours . Height 43 cm


The Nordic style is irresistible in terms of interior design. To adopt a cozy Scandinavian style in your living room, opt for a light wood tabletop like that of Louise, which brings warmth to the space of her interior.

Lysiane has chosen a long and slender wooden coffee table to decorate her sleek Scandinavian living room. The cloth rug that goes with her coffee table does not seem to displease her little tribe!

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm


For an industrial style in the spirit of repurposing, why not do like Lorraine and recycle an old pallet? We love how it goes with the black metal legs. Two raw materials that give character to its industrial decoration.

Marianne also opted for the DIY coffee table using a recycled pallet. An industrial style sublimated by the sleek design of the TIPTOE legs.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

Coffee table legs for all your decorative fancies

Are you dreaming of creating your own DIY coffee table but feel a bit short on inspiration? Get some deco ideas from the TIPTOE community. Unique creations, from the most classic to the most original, created by you, using our table legs.


Make your coffee table by cutting a top in the shape of your choice, or put together your creation choosing from the ready-made tops available in stores. If you’re a fan of repurposing, our little legs offer you many such upcycling perspectives. Salvaged raw materials are an economical and ecological solution for building your own DIY coffee table.


Wooden coffee tables

The wooden coffee table remains a great living room classic. Simple to make, it also gives a second life to old objects.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

Take a look at Maéva’s creation, for which she has repurposed an old door, with no touch ups, as a coffee table. A little rustic feel that adds to the old-fashioned charm of her living room.

Elise created the perfect coffee table for her living room thanks to the combination of a recycled wood top and our little feet.

Plastic coffee tables

 John has obtained the perfect faux marble look with his DIY plastic coffee table that stands out by virtue of its finish. His secret? A repositionable adhesive that sticks to any material. And that does the trick!

Or opt, like Elodie, for a white minimalist plastic coffee table to create a sleek Scandinavian decor with ease.

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

Concrete coffee tables

One of our favourites is Valériane’s resolutely contemporary, colour block look that combines a concrete top with our metal legs in sunflower yellowA beautiful DIY coffee table with a unique urban design.

9 colours . Height 43 cm

Some original coffee tables

Make your own DIY table with surprising and original materials: mirrors, photo frames, game boards… Carrom has used a game board for her coffee table. For a small piece of furniture as functional as it is original in his living room!

If customisation is nothing new to you, the TIPTOE coffee table legs should come as a joy to you. Delphine, for example, has made her DIY coffee table with an old storage shelf. Stylish!

9 colours . Height 43 cm
9 colours . Height 43 cm

Another interior, another atmosphere, Melanie’s superb coffee table mosaic transforms her interior. You’ll just need a bit of patience before you can proudly boast “This is my creation!”

9 colours . Height 43 cm

Got another idea? It’s time to let your imagination run wild! Why not try making a DIY coffee table out of a surfboard, a framed movie poster or a creation using epoxy resin?

Feel free to share your DIY creations on Instagram by tagging @tiptoedesign and the hashtag #tiptoedesign. A 30€ voucher is awarded for every post!

9 colours . Height 43 cm

In short, at TIPTOE, you can personalise your coffee table starting with the legs, available in 9 colours, then the choice of shape, size and material for the top. An infinite number of combinations exist for making your own DIY coffee table.


And for those who are not feeling incredibly creative? Don’t panic, TIPTOE has thought of you too! Discover our range of coffee tables. Furniture designed in the same spirit of personalisation to blend in with the interior that reflects your personality.



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