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TIPTOE by Eve Lippa

30 January 2023

TIPTOE by Eve Lippa

TIPTOE through the eyes of an artist, what does it look like?

Constantly in search of inspiration, we gave carte blanche to artists to appropriate our pieces in their universe. What to mix two creative fields and discover TIPTOE under another glance.  Today, we share with you the work of Eve Lippa.

Hello Eve, can you introduce yourself ?

Hello. My name is Eve Lippa, I am an artist from Bordeaux who loves colour and paints in her small studio. I think I have always drawn, and as a little girl I used to say that I would like to be a draughtswoman. I have a Baccalaureate in Plastic Arts, a Master’s degree in Plastic Arts on “Colour and Emotions”, and a DESS in Applied Arts on “Colour in Environmental Projects”. At the end of my studies, I went to Rome for six months to do an internship in a Roman architecture studio. Back in Bordeaux, I taught art classes in a primary school. Then, the lack of time for my personal creation finally led me to work full time in my small studio. And it’s a real pleasure. I work alone, but I love collaborations, so I have “virtual colleagues”, I am not totally isolated in my creation.

How would you describe your creative universe?

I would say that my creative universe is colourful, sensitive and spontaneous. I paint according to my desires of the moment, and what I paint is finally only a pretext to try to represent emotions, feelings… And I love to vary the supports on which I paint: canvas, paper, vases, small boxes, furniture, TIPTOE table legs… Everything can be an invitation to create!


Where do you get your daily inspiration?

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a book, a song, a film, a photograph, a moment, an emotion, something seen while walking down the street, a colour combination, a composition… I have to say that for the moment, it’s not inspiration that I lack, it’s rather time because the days go by quickly. And when ideas come to me, I generally draw them with felt pens on a small notebook, to paint them later, maybe…


How important is your interior? What does it say about you?

I love decorating. My interior probably says that I like to mix different styles: vintage, contemporary… But also that I love colour! And light is just as important to me. The walls of my interior are white to have a maximum of light and to highlight all the colours, which can be present in the furniture, the objects, the fabrics… I find that an interior with colourful touches brings joy and good humour.

Explain us how you wanted to reappropriate a TIPTOE object in this collaboration?

When I started thinking about this collaboration, I wondered how I was going to paint the TIPTOE table legs. At first I thought of painting illustrations on them. But the elongated and thin nature of the legs led me to paint something simpler and more repetitive instead. Like a big pattern. Broad stripes, and diagonally to give it a certain dynamic. And I soon thought that if I painted the legs, I should also paint my table top. So the idea of redoing my painting “The Earth is blue like an orange” came to me. So I thought about the composition and the colours of the table as a whole: legs and top. The width of the top is painted in yellow and pink to recall the colours of the legs.

Why did you accept this project with TIPTOE ?

I accepted this project with TIPTOE without hesitation, as I love this brand. A little over two years ago, when my little workshop was being built so that I could work in it, and I was thinking about the layout of this future space, I was looking for ideas on the internet, and that’s how I discovered this great brand. I fell in love with TIPTOE table legs. I was dreaming about it and TIPTOE did it thanks to this collaboration. I’m really happy with them! I think my simple, colourful, painted shapes lend themselves well to the TIPTOE design.

What is your vision of TIPTOE?

I see TIPTOE as a beautiful eco-responsible brand of designer furniture, which offers great creative and functional possibilities in one’s own interior, especially thanks to its famous modular legs, whose design is so recognisable, so representative of the brand. TIPTOE has created a real identity thanks to them: you can choose their colour, their height to make a high table, a dining table, a coffee table, a bench, a stool… So many possible combinations!


A recent creative discovery to share with us?

There are many… I would say WARREN AND LÆTITIA, which I must have discovered a few months ago… They are designers who make colourful interior decoration objects in Paris, using 3D printing and recycled and/or recyclable materials. A WARREN AND LÆTITIA suspension would be perfect with the TIPTOE furniture 😉


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